Escape with Katre *This restaurant is now closed*

Tomas Morato is one of the places in Quezon City which people associate with food and dining. A lot of different restaurants have opened in the area over the years, all of them coaxing customers to try whatever cuisine and delicacies they have to offer. While some of the restaurants serve good food, some just don’t make the cut for me.

I was raised in a family who loves food and loves discovering that next big thing. We’ve been to different small restaurants that are tucked away from the busy main roads and found them to be extremely satisfying. One of these gems is Katre, a Mediterranean fusion restaurant along one of the smaller streets off Timog Avenue and is just a few steps away from the famous Alfredo Steakhouse.

We went to Katre last Sunday to have our family dinner. It was great that the Boyfriend was also able to join us for the evening. To start the meal, the family had Thai Salad, which was a mixture of sour, spicy and sweet. Next, we had Pita with Hummus, Tahini and Yoghurt.Out of the three spreads included with the pita, my favorite would have to be the hummus, which is a paste of pureed chickpeas, oil and lemon juice. The Thai Salad and Pita dish will cost you Php185 and Php90, respectively.

Thai salad

pita with hummus

The six of us ordered different dishes for our main course. My Dad had Striploin with Garlic Rice (Php350), while my Mom ordered Adobo Flakes with Rice (Php250). The Adobo Flakes dish came with a fried egg.

striploin with rice

adobo flakes

Mons, my eldest brother, had Chicken Weck (Php250).It was a chicken sandwich served with side salad, onion rings and honey mustard sauce.

chicken weck

Pointyman, my other brother, had Seared Tuna with Black Ink Risotto (Php315).He said that he didn’t quite agree with the wasabe sauce dabbed on the tuna, but the taste of the squid ink risotto worked well with the tuna ceviche and the seared tuna.

seared tuna with black ink rice

The Boyfriend ordered a pesto dish with grilled chicken strips on top(Php285).I remember having that dish during my first visit to Katre and I enjoyed it very much.I’m happy to know that the Boyfriend enjoyed it as well and might have plans to go back to try the other dishes.

pesto with grilled chicken

Lastly, I had Pasta Puttanesca with Grilled Chicken (Php275), pictured below.It was a pasta dish served with grilled chicken on top and two slices of garlic bread.Overall it was a nice dish, something that I wouldn’t mind ordering again.However, my favorite would still have to be the one ordered by the Boyfriend.

pasta putanesca

Apart from the good food and nice presentation, what I love about Katre is the ambience. It’s a small and quiet place, very cozy and romantic. It makes you forget about the traffic and busy main road just outside. The lovely Sunday dinner that we had at Katre was not our first, and it’s definitely not going to be our last. 🙂

***Katre is located at 103 Dr. Lazcano Street, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City.They’re open from 12noon to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm Tuesdays through Sundays.

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