Omakase: A First Impressions Review

My Sunday morning started out really great, with my brother Mons giving me something yummy for breakfast: Green Tea Cheesecake from Kozui!

kozui green tea cheesecake

I’ve been wanting to try the stuff from that place ever since hearing about it from a couple of my friends.  Now that I’ve tried their cheesecake, I would say that it’s not completely mind blowing, but it was still pretty good.  The cheesecake was very compact and heavy. It could probably be good enough for two people to eat, but being the green tea AND cheesecake addict that I am, I finished it all by myself!

I’m planning to try Kozui’s other products soon, if I get the chance to visit their place at Tomas Morato.  By the way, the green tea cheesecake Mons got for me costs Php120 each.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

Omakase logo

My family and I headed to another Japanese restaurant yesterday evening for our weekly dinner.  We visited Omakase, which is also conveniently located along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  Mons already dined at the place with his friends a day before we went there, and so with his seal of approval regarding the food at Omakase, we went ahead and ordered an array of Japanese goodies to satisfy ourselves.

spicy tuna salad

The meal started with the Spicy Tuna Salad (photo above) being served.  If it wasn’t for my sore throat, I would’ve devoured more tuna slices than I had that evening.  Yes, it was THAT good. It’s a must try for people who enjoy their raw tuna with a bit of heat. This was definitely one of my favorites during that evening.  I’ll probably order this one again upon my return to Omakase.

JSC platter

Next came the JSC platter, 24 pieces of three different types of maki.  I don’t exactly remember the names of the maki, but I do remember that there was one with eel, one with tuna and the other was, it seemed, a variation of the California Maki. My favorite was the one with unagi (eel) since they placed crunchy salmon skin inside the roll. The JSC platter would cost you a little over Php600.

Beef Curry udon

My Dad also ordered a bowl of steaming hot Beef Curry Udon.  Since I don’t eat beef, I just took a photo and asked my dad his opinion.  He said that it wasn’t bad, but that he had eaten other better beef curry noodles from other places before.

chirashi don

Pointyman had Chirashi Don as his main meal for the evening.  He said that the Chirashi Don “was alright, nothing too special except for the inclusion of uni sashimi.  They [Omakase] put on a lot of sushi rice on it.”  That’s a direct quote from my Brother Dear.


My Mom and I had our bowls of Katsudon (breaded pork with fried egg and onions on top of steaming rice).  Everytime I visit a Japanese restaurant that I haven’t tried before, I always order Katsudon as my first main meal.  Why?  Because I want to know if there’s a place who can prepare a meaner version of Katsudon than my current record holder, Komoro Soba in Megamall (I seriously LOVE that place).  And what’s the final score?  While Omakase’s Katsudon is satisfying enough, Komoro Soba still wins hands down.

zaru soba

Last but not the least, Mons had his Zaru Soba served.  It consisted of cold buckwheat noodles served with a sweet sauce and raw quail egg.  It also came with a mixed tempura.

Our total bill amounted to Php2,000 for five people, and that includes the taxes.  It was pretty cheap for a Japanese restaurant.  It’s a great place to get delicious Japanese food when you find yourself hungry while driving around Quezon City.  🙂

***Kozui is located at 258 B Tomas Morato Ave. Quezon City and is open daily from 11a.m. until midnight.  For their website, click here.

UPDATE: Omakase is now located at Il Terrazo (Sct. Madrinan, QC), which is right across Burgoo. They also have branches in Libis and Ayala Alabang.  Come early when you plan to eat at their Tomas Morato branch since there are limited seats available and the place get pretty full quick!

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