Starbucks “iced beverages” tumbler…or whatever you want to call it

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I went to Starbucks with my brother Mons, and The Boyfriend.  We spotted this tumbler, which resembled a Venti container for Starbuck’s iced drinks, that were for sale.  I wanted one for myself just because I found it ridiculously cute (okay fine, and because I’m in love with their iced caramel macchiato).

The three of us went back to the same Starbucks branch last Sunday and I noticed that the tumbler was no longer on display.  We thought they were already sold out, and I felt a little sad.  No more tumbler for me.

Guess what?  Mons surprised me with a package this morning and it contained this:


Nyahahahaha!  The Starbucks tumbler is now mine!  It looks a lot like the regular ones they use to serve the iced beverages, but wait until you actually hold it between your beautiful hands….this tumbler is seriously way better than those!  Look at the screw on lid:

Starbucks tumbler lid

Thank you for this, Mons!

…..Oh, the glorious perks of having older brothers! 😉

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  1. does anyone know where i could get a venti cold tumbler

    1. Hi tanya!

      I believe it’s still available in Starbucks Sunnymede Center (Sykes Q.Ave), but then again there are probably still other branches which sell them. Try to ask the baristas on duty, just to be sure. 🙂

  2. The venti size tumbler that I have , I purchased it in Starbucks Zacatecas,MX it was 170 pesos with is like 12 dolars. I travel often to many destinattions and purchase starbucks from around the world but that is the only place I had found that in that size because I also have it in tall size, along with many other styles.

  3. Oh my gosh… I am so incredibly jealous! The SAME thing happened to me… I saw it in the store, loved it, went back a week later to get myself and four friends one for Christmas and they were all gone!! But I didn’t get surprised with one in the mail… 🙁

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