The Sicilian Express: A First Impressions Review

I was able to have dinner with The Boyfriend and our friend, Mike, last Sunday night.  We decided to try eating at The Sicilian Express, which I’ve heard of before but never really tried yet.  We arrived there a little before 7p.m. and was able to secure good seats.  If we arrived a few minutes later, we wouldn’t have any seats.  The place was packed, with one the probable reasons being that it was a pretty small pizza place.

The three of us had great conversation over dinner; we covered everything from the everyday things to work-related topics.  I have to say that The Sicilian Express is very home-style.  Nothing overtly special, but still comforting in some way.  Here’s what we ordered:

chicken wings

Chicken Wings (5 pieces with dipping sauce, around Php160). This tasted very much like the fried chicken your Mom would prepare for you.


Lasagna al Forno (To share, approximately Php180.00). This lasagna was made of pork instead of beef, so yes, I was able to enjoy a chunk of this dish.  This came with 2 slices of  focaccia bread, which was a little too salty, but still tolerable.

shrimp and salmon pizza

Shrimp and Salmon Pizza (14″ at around Php380.00). This pizza was a bit of a disappointment because there were very small pieces of shrimp on top, and I could barely see any of the salmon either.

We didn’t order any dessert after the meal, but we all felt very full.  I didn’t expect us to finish the entire 14″-pizza (especially since we weren’t very hungry when we arrived), but we did!  It was a fun evening, and it’s definitely something I wouldn’t mind doing again anytime soon! 🙂

***The Sicilian Express have branches at Tomas Morato, A.Venue Mall, McKinley, Dapitan, Ortigas and Katipunan.

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  1. Looks like you are a real pro. Did you study about the issue? lawl

    1. I’d say it was so-so. I might have to try the other dishes to make a more solid recommendation, but I do remember enjoying the lasagna (serving was a little on the small side though).

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