Go Greek! : A First Impressions Review *This establishment is now closed*

I spent last Sunday’s afternoon at Greenbelt 5 with The Boyfriend, enjoying frozen yogurt and a bit of shopping.  I haven’t been to Greenbelt/Glorietta for quite some time and noticed that a couple of new places have already opened (Gelatissimo) and closed for renovations (La Maison).  After hours of checking items from different shops, it was time for us to get some food.

Dinner was a toss up between Mr. Jones or Go Greek! We haven’t tried eating food from both places and were hearing different opinions about them.  In the end, the Mediterranean food won and we headed over to Glorietta 4’s Food Choices.  Upon ordering, we noticed that Go Greek! was oddly reminiscent of Cyma:  The taste of the food, the presentation of the gyro, the sauces… I guess the only major difference is the serving size.

Go Greek! logo

Here are the things we ordered:

chicken gyro

Chicken Gyro (Php95.00)

lamb chop

Lamb Chop Platter (Php195.00).  This came with rice and a side salad.

blueberry yogurt shake

Blueberry Yogurt Shake (Php120.00)

I’m not sure if Go Greek! is supposed to be the budget-friendly version of Cyma (in the same way that Bigoli looks like it’s from Fazoli), but it was a pretty satisfying meal. It now joins the ranks of New Bombay, House of Mini’s, World Chicken and La Pia Dina in my options for food whenever I’m in Glorietta and looking for good food that’s easy on the pocket. 🙂

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