Kozui Green Tea: A First Impressions Review

My high school friends and I met up last Saturday for lunch at Kozui Green Tea along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  I’ve featured their Green Tea Cheesecake in one of my older posts, but the lunch out was my first opportunity to see what other items Kozui had to offer.

For starters, the group had two orders of Takoyaki, which were Japanese dumplings made from various ingredients including diced octopus.  Each serving consisted of five (5) pieces of takoyaki and will cost you Php98.00/order:


Jac and I ordered the same main dish, which was this Fish Ebiko Pasta (Php168.00).  I found this a little too bland and will probably not be ordering this again:

ebiko fish pasta

My drink of choice was the Moji Mint Tea (Php90.00 for Tall).  I ♥ the Moji Mint Tea since it was really refreshing and reminded me of the Iced Mint Green Tea drinks I often bought when I was out street shopping at Zhong Shan Lu (中山路) in Xiamen.  The Boyfriend didn’t like this though, commenting that the experience was similar to ingesting grass:

moji mint tea

Mikey and The Boyfriend ordered the same main dish too!  They both had Karaage Don for Php188.00.  The sauce was a little thick, but I enjoyed dipping the piece of fried chicken <The Boyfriend shared with me> in it.  For drinks, The Boyfriend had the Melon Korichio (Php128.00 for Tall), which he really, really liked:

kara age don

melon korichio

…while Mikey ordered the Butterscotch Korichio (Php138.00 for Grande):

butterscotch korichio

My Best Friend ordered the Tori Don (Chicken over rice Php188.00) and the Very Berry Fruit Tea (Php100.00 for Grande):

tori don

very berry fruit tea

Den ordered Spicy Dan Don (Php168.00), a dish very similar to Korean Bibimbap.  I was able to try this one and have to admit that this was one of the good tasting items Kozui had on their menu:

spicy dandon

For dessert, Mike (a.k.a. our very own “Cookie Monster” ^_^) had the Oatmeal Tea Cookie (Php30.00/piece).  Den and I was able to try this and in my opinion, it was good albeit not special.

oatmeal cookie

Jac ordered the famous Anmitsu, which is the Japanese version of the Filipino halo-halo.  I know it would be a lot easier to appreciate that particular dessert if I have a photo of uploaded here; unfortunately, Jac had already consumed her dessert right before the rest of us arrived at Kozui, stating that she decided to have her dessert before her main meal. Funny girl. =)

Overall, Kozui’s drinks were of good quality, but their food was just so-so.  Service was quick, although I was a little upset over the way the server just dumped our orders on the table without any finesse.  It felt like she was annoyed to be serving us our food, and this small detail may have contributed to my average rating of the place.

On another note, Kozui offers free Wi-Fi and my girls were thrilled when they found out about this, to say the least. 🙂

***Kozui is located at 258B Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.  Click here to be taken to their site (where you can find a photo of their Anmitsu).

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