Culinary OutKast Co. *This restaurant is now closed.*

My family and I tried the newly opened Culinary OutKast Co. along Banawe Street in Quezon City the other Sunday.  There weren’t anyone else dining during that time because (1) it was only 6p.m. when we decided to eat, and (2) not a lot of people know of the place yet.  My dad was speaking with some of the waiters and apparently, the guy who was preparing our food was the owner of the restaurant.  He looks like he was, maybe, a few years out of culinary school and decided to start his own restaurant.  Here were the things we tried that evening:

Culinary OutKast_Caesar's SaladCaesar’s Salad: This was a good way to start the meal.  I enjoyed this salad, especially since I’ve always enjoyed munching on those croutons!

Culinary Outkast_Fish BurgerFish Burger with fries: I’ve always been very open to trying fish or chicken burgers from different places mainly since I can’t enjoy the beef versions.  Culinary OutKast’s Fish Burger was okay.  It wasn’t disappointing, although the honey mustard (?) sauce wasn’t much.

Culinary OutKast_Cheesy Fish FilletCheesy Fish Fillet: Dad ordered this and didn’t like it very much.  The cheese didn’t exactly taste like cheese and I think what turned Dad off was the overpowering taste of herbs used in the fish.  It was either rosemary, oregano or tarragon; I don’t really remember anymore. (Oh Chef/owner, if you managed to stumble on this blog of mine and read this part, please leave a comment and tell me which herb you used. Thanks!)

Culinary OutKast_Chicken PestoChicken Pesto: Pointyman and Dad enjoyed this.  They say it was pretty good.  I wasn’t able to sample this at all.

Culinary OutKast_Salisbury SteakSalisbury Steak: This was pretty normal, according to Mom and The Boyfriend.  They both ordered the same thing, except Mom’s side dish was potato salad and The Boyfriend’s was mashed potato (as seen on this photo).  Presentation was cute though.

Culinary OutKast_White Sea Pizza

White Sea Pizza: This was what Mons ordered.  There was one big problem with this pizza: It was too thin to the point that it became so soggy, it wasn’t like eating pizza anymore.  Taste-wise?  It wasn’t the bomb either.  The entire family agreed that this dish needs major improvement.

Overall, the meal was okay: Nothing spectacular and it felt more like a friend wanting to let us taste whatever s/he’s learned from school.  I think a little more tweaking here and there and the dishes may improve drastically.

I apologize for not including the prices in this post; I think I threw the receipt away when we stopped by Starbucks after that meal. =p ‘Til the next post! 🙂

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  1. Hi, my DH and I frequent Banawe area and have not seen this restaurant. What other restaurants are beside it ? Can you still remember?

  2. It’s at the corner of Banawe and Mauban Streets, right across the place where California Gourmet used to be. It’s a couple of meters away from Starbucks Banawe if you’re heading towards Sgt. Rivera. 🙂

  3. hi ty for youre comment on our food!!! the herd that i use was thyme in the bake fish i grow most of my herbs!!! im not a culinary graduate person all these are base on my passion

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Chef! It’s always nice to hear about people growing their own herbs. I’m actually planning to do the same thing myself. Maybe you can give us some tips? 🙂

  4. it very simple all you need are pots and what king of herbs you like to grow and place where you going to place them and soil pala most of the herb have different need like us!!! you need to water them every am. before 10 am and after 4pm but not all kind of herbs like plenty of water like rose marry and oregano! the most use herbs in my place are basil oregano thyme at rose marry try to buy some pre grown herbs or binhi! and try to get it tagaytay coz mahal dito sa sa manila!!!! and ty again!!! you can always go to the resto and ask for other info !!! ty!!!

  5. I actually like the simplicity of COK, and they’ve improved so much in the past few months. I’ll definitely go back.

  6. i managed to know of COK on tv … i’m a pasta lover and the unusual twists on pasta dishes are very interesting … i plan to dine there with my kids but i’m not that good in finding places … could somebody direct me there if i would be coming from EDSA. Thanks!

    1. Hi Louie,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

      The simplest route from EDSA would be to take Quezon Avenue and then turn right at Banawe. Just cruise along Banawe until you get past the Del Monte-Banawe intersection (where Causeway and Ace Water Spa is located). Continue forward until you’ve passed Starbucks Banawe and you’ll see COK there. 🙂

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