Shomal: A First Impressions Review

This post has been delayed for a couple of days since I wasn’t able to get the photos from The Boyfriend’s Lumix until the weekend.  We took a break from the usual work week and had lunch at Shomal, a Persian restaurant ran by the same people behind Hossein’s.  The restaurant itself was pretty nice: I liked the interior, the lighting fixtures, the ambiance, and the music that was being played (It was so relaxing).  The place wasn’t packed like most of the other restaurants in Trinoma were at that moment, so it was a good thing. There are really times when I just want to escape the crowd and dine somewhere a lot quieter.



It does become a problem sometimes when we’re the only ones eating out as we can’t order a lot in one go.  Whenever we want to try the other items on the menu, we usually have to go back to the restaurant two to three more times.  Either that, or we bring the entire gang the next time and see what they’ll end up ordering. 🙂  Anyway, for this meal, The Boyfriend and I ordered a solo plate each.  These were what we ended up having:

food collage

(Clockwise from Left to right) garlic sauce, Chicken Kebab with buttered rice,

Mango Lassi and Lamb kebab with buttered rice)

The food was pretty good, but it was a little overpriced since the servings were way smaller than expected.  The kebab dishes set us back by Php265.00 per dish; the mango lassi was around Php150. The Boyfriend enjoyed the mango lassi a lot!

Overall, it was honestly a pricey meal for a regular lunch out, but we did leave the place satisfied because the food was good. I personally think what sealed the deal for me was the buttered rice and the garlic sauce. 🙂  We might go back one of these days, but just like what I said earlier, we might bring the others with us so that we can try the platters meant for sharing. 🙂

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  1. Hi, if you want a (sort of) “taste-test” you can head on over to Uncle Moe’s in Ortigas. Some of the food taste almost the same but of course you won’t get the fancy ambiance and music; more importantly the Mango Lassi!

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