[Puerto Princesa] Dos Palmas Resort

Day 3 at Puerto Princesa was spent mostly on the island operated by those behind Dos Palmas.  The highlight of the day was the group’s snorkeling adventure and the feast that we had for lunch (If you noticed, this trip was just filled with food food food!).  By 3-ish in the afternoon, the group was on the way back to the Casa to recharge.  We were supposed to head out for dinner, but due to the mountains of food that we consumed at the Dos Palmas buffet, we decided to laze about in our rooms, eat junk food and spend the evening listening to music and playing Uno instead.

There’s really no better way to share this day to you than through the photos that we managed to take.  By the way, underwater photos were courtesy of The Boyfriend’s Lumix. Enjoy! 🙂

boat to Dos Palmas
One of the boats going to and from the different islands in Honda Bay (Dos Palmas Resort included)

view in Dos Palmas

One of the first few shots I took of while walking from the port area of Dos Palmas

welcoming band

Dos Palmas’ welcoming band

snorkeling site

Snorkeling site

snorkeling in Dos Palmas

Group shot courtesy of our diver/Dos Palmas Marine Center’s guide Kuya Glenn


The Boyfriend snorkeling away!

underwater 1

underwater 2

underwater 3


buffet 1

After snorkeling, lounging about and beach volleyball, it was time to survey the dining area to devise a neat strategy on how to conquer the lunch buffet included in the package tour. 🙂 This is Area 1.

buffet 2

Area 2 where all the main dishes are yours for the taking!

dessert area

Desserts ♥


Crudités, Waldorf Salad and Tuna Salad


Gambas, grilled squid, pork sisig, grilled porkchop and blue marlin, chicken a la kiev ♥

buko pandan

Buko Pandan for dessert!

playing Cooking Mama

Playing Cooking Mama (and boxing and bowling games) on Wii after lunch

playing UNO

Playing Uno back at the Casa 🙂

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