[Clark Freeport Zone] Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Caution: This is a photo heavy post. Please wait until all the photos have completely loaded.

A couple of my friends and I headed to the 16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at the Clark Freeport Zone last Saturday. We left Manila at around 8am and arrived there at 10am. The next exhibition of the hot air balloons wasn’t going to start until around 4pm since we weren’t able to catch the one held very early in the morning (responsibilities got in the way). It was a great day to be outdoors because it was partly cloudy (but no rain!), just a cool breeze blowing throughout the entire day. We were very thankful that we didn’t have to be lugging umbrellas around to shade us from the glaring sun.

While waiting for the show, we decided to walk around the place and take a look at the booths and other displays. There were several airplanes and other army-related things on display. There were also a lot of food stalls around, while others were selling knickknacks likes kites, balloons and pinwheels (which were aplenty).

We also managed to watch the air show, including people parachuting down from the sky. Seriously scary since those individuals resembled paper dolls being blown by the wind. We even saw one of them who looked like he got into some trouble mid-air because of the strong wind. We have no idea what really happened to him and didn’t hear anything from the organizers; I was hoping he was okay, but his fall really didn’t look good. 😐

One of the other highlights of our day was the “picnic”! My friends brought tocino, a type of cured pork meat, pork adobo and rice that we shared among ourselves while we were parked in the open lot. It was such a simple meal but it was divine! 🙂 I caved in and ate quite a lot of rice that late morning, thinking it was supposed to be our brunch. Was I surprised when the group decided to buy fried chicken and rice for another meal at 2:30pm! I was still full but the chicken was tempting, so I dove in again. 😛 I think that Saturday was definitely a cheat day for me and I had to make sure that I had to control myself the next day. :p

Anyhoo, here are some snapshots from that day:

hot air balloon festival ticket


motorized parachuteparamotors!!!

Clark airbase field




These are really nice. 🙂

wired objects
Found these really cute, but I didn’t buy any of them though…

barn hot air balloon

Sun hot air balloon

hot air balloon

pirate hot air balloon

***These are just some of the photos I took during our trip. There’s still quite a lot but I didn’t want to kill anybody’s internet connection whenever they try to load my blog because of the photos! All these photos were taken using my Nikon D40. Just in case you wish to use some of the images found here in my site, please drop me a message so that I’d know. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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