UCC Cafe Terrace: Bonifacio Global City

I had the privilege to enjoy some free time at the UCC Cafe Terrace in Bonifacio Global City one recent afternoon. I was waiting for my brother to finish his meeting so that we could head home together and we didn’t want to have me waiting at a local fast food chain with nothing to read. Since UCC was nearby, we decided to grab something to eat and drink there instead.

Since it was a pretty humid day, my brother decided to order the mango kakigori before heading to his meeting. It was a bowl of shaved ice topped with mango ice cream, fresh mango cubes and nata de coco. My brother said he really enjoyed it because the bottom part of the bowl was filled with coconut juice and it was also served with syrup on the side. The mint leaf on top of the dessert was also something he enjoyed a lot.

mango kakigori

Mango Kakigori. Php129.00 per serving

I was still full from our lunch at Sango so I decided to just order a glass of iced white mocha. I thought that it was just okay, nothing mind blowing about it.

iced white mocha

Iced White Mocha. Php155.00 per glass

A few minutes after our orders arrived, I decided to get some magazines for me to read through while my brother was gone. The magazine rack was conveniently located near the cake display counter so I was hopelessly mesmerized by the delicious looking pastries. I have a weak spot for cakes so I was immediately torn between ordering a slice for us to share or not, since (let’s face it) UCC prices aren’t exactly cheap. In the end, my curiosity won when my brother said that they had Wasabi Kitkat pastries displayed. I had to, of course, justify the purchase of the small cake slice: Whose curiosity won’t be piqued when wasabi and Kitkat are combined to make something so uncommon? 😛

wasabi kitkat cake

Wasabi Kitkat Mousse. Php230.00 each.

The Wasabi Kitkat Mousse is definitely the highlight of our afternoon because as odd as its name was, it was surprisingly good to eat. The wasabi flavor was very, very mild that you won’t even feel any heat, but it still managed to give the mousse some sort of depth. I don’t really know how to accurately describe the flavors since I’m no culinary expert; all I know is it’s something that’s worth eating again. I also think that one serving is good for sharing since you may get a little tired of the flavors after a while of eating it.

That afternoon was a classic example of how I love spending my free time: tucked away in my own quiet corner with something to read and a glass of iced coffee within reach. I hope I can have more of those in the future. 🙂

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