Sango Shangri-La branch *This branch is now closed*

Looking for a dress to wear for a wedding was the perfect excuse to drag my Mom to Shangri-La Plaza Mall today. It also meant that we had the opportunity to eat at Sango!: Master Burger. This place never fails to make me happy (thus the birth of my Sango “dance”). It’s seriously one of my favorite dining places in the whole wide world and not just because of the great food quality, but also because of the friendly staff and quick service (Hello Shangri-La branch folks! You guys rock!). 😀


Today was Mom’s first taste of Sango and since she loves eating rice, my brother and I recommended that she order Katsudon. A serving comes with pickled vegetables and a steaming bowl of miso soup. Mom’s verdict? Delicious, but a little too salty for her taste. She loved the soup though!

okonomi hotdog

I ordered one of my all-time favorites: the Okonomi Hotdog. It’s a grilled hotdog in a bun, topped with yummy sauteed cabbage, okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and a whole lot of bonito flakes. DE-LI-CIOSO! My photo of it above doesn’t do it any justice. I suggest you try it and see if makes your heart flutter, just like it does to mine. 🙂

iced milk tea

I enjoyed my food with a large serving of Iced Milk Tea. Yeah, my love affair with milk tea is pretty intense these days. I just can’t get enough of it. Not that it’s a bad thing. 🙂

yakiniku burger

Pointyman, who trekked all the way to the mall from his office to have lunch with us, ordered his favorite too: the Yakiniku Rice Burger. All the items at Sango are served piping hot, and this burger is definitely not an exception. The brother always has trouble holding this rice burger for the first few minutes because of the heat. He loves this burger and I think I understand why. Just looking at this photo is making my heart ache. (Oh, we also ordered that large serving of fries at the back. We shared an order among the three of us.)

cold ginger tea

Mom and Pointyman both ordered the Cold Lemon Ginger for themselves. They’re both ginger aficionados so they enjoyed this a lot.

After a couple of hours at the mall, I can declare that today was a very good day for my hunt for the dress and for filling our hungry tummies. Although I sometimes wish that there’s a Sango branch near our place, I think it’s better that they don’t. If they did, I’m going to be in major trouble. 🙂

‘Til we meet again, Sango!: Master Burger. ♥

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  1. yummm. love their hamburger and fries!

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