Welcoming Mom and Dad home at Chef Vince *Restaurants now closed*

The family went out for dinner tonight since nobody was willing to cook at home. I think that was just right since the dinner served as a “Welcome Home” meal for my parents. We didn’t want to go to someplace which was far from home since the parents are both tired from their flight, so we found ourselves stopping by Chef Vince along Banawe.

Note: I remembered to bring my Nikon with me, thus the better looking photos below. hahaha!

pancit canton

Pancit Canton. Don’t ask me why, but I have been wanting to eat pancit canton for the past few days. Very unlike me, to be honest. Anyhoo, this was just okay for me. Nothing special, but it did satiate the “desire” to eat pancit canton.

buttered chicken

Buttered Chicken. Here’s another one of the things I’ve been wanting to eat. The parents found this a bit too salty for their taste, but it was just right for me.

fish fillet with black bean sauce

Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce. Dad mentioned that he wanted to eat this dish so we made sure to order it during dinner. It was served really hot (which is a definite plus!), but I had to agree with the parents when they said that this dish was very salty. If you skip the sauce and just eat the fish then it’s okay. We used to order this whenever we dropped by Chef Vince before and it was never as salty as it was tonight, so the incident may be just a one-time thing (hopefully!).

polunchay with garlic

Polunchay with Garlic. To balance things a bit, we ordered a vegetable dish. I happen to like polunchay a lot, so this was something I found enjoyable.

After eating dinner, my brother and I crossed the street to Dezaato Pan to get ourselves some gelato. Sadly, they didn’t have any dark chocolate flavor available, so I decided to get a cup of coffee flavored gelato instead. Pointyman had the French Vanilla gelato. They were both pretty average; didn’t really impress us all that much. It was still a good way to end the night though. 🙂

coffee gelato

French Vanilla gelato

French Vanilla Gelato

Oh, and guess what the parents brought home for us?


The parents brought home tons of other items, but I didn’t have enough time to take photos of everything. Suffice to say that we won’t be buying a lot from the grocery store in the next few days weeks.

Welcome home, Mom and Dad. We’re glad you guys are back! 🙂

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