World Class Persian Kabab: A First Impressions Review

Last Sunday evening, the family headed to World Class Persian Kabab along Quezon Avenue for dinner. It was our first time there, and I was looking forward to getting some decent Mediterranean food. I’m happy to announce that this place did not disappoint. 🙂


The first to arrive on our table was an order of hummus, which we enjoyed without any bread. Dad liked this a lot and was thinking of making his own version.

chicken liver

My brother decided to get a serving of Chicken Liver on the side. The liver was cooked perfectly; it wasn’t tough to chew. I thought that the tomatoes and onions gave it a nice touch too.

chicken shawarma rice

Mom and I both ordered the Chicken Shawarma Rice. I was really happy because it’s been a long time since I last ate shawarma! Their entrees include A LOT of rice and yeah, even if I told my brothers that I wasn’t going to finish all of it, I still managed to eat each and every grain of Jasmine rice. I just couldn’t resist! 😛

beef chelo

Pointyman and Dad ordered a serving of Beef Chelo each. Chelo dishes typically include two kebabs: one is made of meat fillets and the other, of minced meat. I didn’t hear any negative comments about this dish so I’m guessing this also passed the Board of Judges. 😛

lamb chop rice

The Boyfriend ordered the Lamb Chop Rice. I managed to get a bite of the meat and thought that it was cooked nicely too. It wasn’t tough and was seasoned well. The only thing that wasn’t so nice about it was its portion size. It was a very thin slice of lamb. A more generous serving would definitely garner this dish more points!


Mons got himself a serving of a chicken dish whose name I forgot (sorry!). It looks similar to the chicken chelo, but I’m positive that it was called something different. He looked like he enjoyed this too; I wasn’t able to get a taste.

yogurt shake

Most of us opted to wash all that food down with Yogurt Shake. This was delicious, but I’ve tasted better ones from other kebab places.

garlic yogurt sauce

Oh, and by the way, this bottle contained one of the best things in the world: Garlic Yogurt Sauce – Delicious when drizzled/poured over anything. World Class’ version is very similar to the one we enjoy using at Cafe Mediterranean.

That dinner was really filling and I wouldn’t mind eating their food again, although I would probably try dining at their other branches. The one along Quezon Avenue didn’t exactly have a decent ambiance since the second floor looked like it was turned into a club. Really loud noise music was coming from the second floor and it was giving my Mom a bit of a headache; The service team weren’t exactly friendly either. Good thing the food was excellent!

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