BonChon (Libis): A First Impressions Review

I spent a great chunk of my Sunday afternoon with a couple of my friends and their Significant Others. I love hanging out with this particular group because our get-togethers are always laid-back. Plus, they are always sure to be filled with laughter and, of course, food!

R suggested that we have lunch at BonChon Libis branch and I immediately agreed with her choice. I’ve heard of good reviews about their chicken, but I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. I’ve tried other places similar to it before and didn’t feel that they were rave-worthy. R took care of the orders and here’s what our group had for lunch (photos of the drinks and rice are no longer included):

chicken wings

BonChon Chicken Wings (Spicy). I am happy to report that I liked this a lot! They were flavorful and not greasy. I could have easily devoured each and every piece; thankfully, I didn’t feel that it was the proper thing to do. 😛 (If you noticed, R ordered a lot of chicken wings for us to share- and yes, I’m not complaining even one bit.)


Calamari. R ordered 2 servings of this side dish. I thought that this just tasted so-so. I prefer the calamari from other places over this one, but I still ended up eating quite a lot of these babies.

I was so engrossed in all the catching up, and yet I still managed to think that what we were eating was, possibly, the best Korean fried chicken I’ve had so far. I really should schedule a visit to the nearest BonChon branch to try their other stuff, like their kimchi coleslaw, chicken chop rice and ginger tofu salad. 🙂

P.S.: Thanks, R, for finally giving me the opportunity to try this chicken place. 🙂

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  1. u8mypinkcookies says: Reply

    love their chix wings 😀

  2. The Boyfriend says: Reply

    YEAH! wanna eat here again 😛

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