Tapella by Gaudi (Greenbelt): A First Impressions Review

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of enjoying dinner at Tapella in Greenbelt. We received suggestions from Pointyman and Christine, and The Boyfriend and I decided that we should give it a go. Our meal that night consisted mostly of what was suggested to us, with the addition of a bowl of soup. Here’s a rundown of what we ordered:

sopa de marisco

The Boyfriend wanted to get a bowl of soup, so we decided to order the Sopa de Marisco / Hearty Seafood Chowder (approx. Php130.00/bowl). I thought it was okay, not as creamy as I expected, but still tasted a lot like fresh seafood. 🙂

calamares squid ink batter

The Calamari with Black Ink Batter (approximately Php255.00) doesn’t look very appetizing, right? My brother even described them as resembling car tires. I’m just really glad that they didn’t taste like so! They were actually quite delicious, especially when dipped in the sauce served on the side! 🙂 I think that it was cute for them to use the squid ink in the batter to put some twist to the usual calamari.

chorizo al vino

Tapella’s Chorizo al vino / Chorizo stewed in red wine (approximately Php245.00) is definitely a must-try. I love chorizo and this was the first time that I had them stewed in wine. I loved it so much that even after we emptied the dish, I didn’t let the server take the bowl away. We didn’t want the sauce to go to waste, so we mixed it with a bit of our paella until there wasn’t a single drop left. We were even contemplating of ordering another serving, but decided against it after a while. 🙂 I’d like to think that this was our favorite dish during that meal!

manchego cheese paella

Manchego Cheese, Chicken, Asaparagus and Shrimp Paella (approximately Php500.00). We ordered the smallest serving, which was good for 2 individuals. This was a delicious dish, but it was a bit strange that it was still a bit “wet” even after we let it continue sitting on the hot paella pan after it was served; The texture reminded me a bit of risotto. I also wish that there was a more definite (almost burnt) rice crust at the bottom of the pan.

iced tea

I’m not exactly sure what came over me that time, but I was in the mood to drink something sweet. I ordered a glass of Iced Tea (Php50.00) and asked for a glass of water to wash everything down.

Overall, it was a very good meal. I loved the interiors and the feel of the restaurant. A number of the customers opted to sit outside to enjoy the night breeze, but I preferred the sofas and air-conditioning inside. I wouldn’t mind returning to Tapella, especially after trying the chorizo al vino. I’m really glad we took my brother and Christine’s advice and dined here. 🙂

***Tapella by Gaudi is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati City. It’s near Qoola and National Bookstore.

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