Cerchio Restaurant: A First Impressions Review

Honestly, this post has been long overdue. I’m finally putting everything aside to share our dinner at Cerchio with you.  The Boyfriend and I were out one Saturday evening and couldn’t decide where we were going to have dinner. He remembered my Best Friend recommending Cerchio and decided to drive straight there. We weren’t familiar with the restaurant’s exact location so we did miss it a couple of times while roaming Tomas Morato, but was finally able to find it after a quick phone call to the Best Friend.  We didn’t have any reservations, but we were glad that there were still some unreserved tables and we were ushered to our seats pretty quickly.

cerchio logo

pumpkin soup

We started the meal with a serving of their Pumpkin with Malunggay Soup (Php90.00/bowl), which my Best Friend highly recommended. The Boyfriend and I really enjoyed this soup. It had that sweetness that’s a characteristic of pumpkins and had just the right amount of creaminess in it too. It was really delicious and I would surely order this again. By the way, the photo above only shows half of one serving. We just ordered one bowl, and the servers had it split into two without us telling them.

pork sisig

For appetizers, The Boyfriend decided to order Cerchio’s Pork Sisig (Php230.00). I was initially hesitant about this because I wasn’t in the mood to eat sisig, but I’m glad I decided to go with his decision because we both found it to be very enjoyable as well. It was really good and the crunchy bits stayed crisp even after it’s been sitting on our table for some time (we were trying to eat it very, very slowly :p). Each mound was topped with what we assume as fried quail eggs, which I found really cute to look at. Cerchio’s food presentation is something I like a lot; Too bad the photo I managed to take doesn’t do it much justice. 😛

bourbon ribs

We ordered two main dishes for us to share, thinking that the serving wasn’t going to be big; I’m afraid we underestimated the place. The Boyfriend’s Bourbon Ribs (Php490.00) was quite a lot and it was really good for sharing. This dish was just okay since some parts of the meat was really tough to chew on.

chicken bbq

My choice for the evening was Cerchio’s Chicken BBQ (Php390.00), which was said to be one of their bestsellers. I really liked the java rice and the chicken itself was okay. However, after several mouthfuls of the chicken meat, I noticed that the taste of the sauce was just sweet and there was no oomph factor. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly up my alley. I think I made a mistake in choosing another barbecued dish after The Boyfriend already chose the ribs. If I went with something else, I could’ve enjoyed my main dish better since there’s going to be a change in taste and texture.

iced tea

We washed everything down with their Iced Tea (Php55.00) each. This was so-so for me; still couldn’t beat the one from Cyma though! (I’m so biased when it comes to this. :P)

Bailey's panna cotta

Oh, and to end our meal, The Boyfriend decided to order the Bailey’s Panna Cotta (Php90.00). This was a great dessert! It was creamy and not too sweet. I loved how each spoonful just melted in my mouth. The Boyfriend obviously enjoyed this a lot too since it was evident in that signature big grin of his. 🙂

I think that our visit to Cerchio definitely had some hits and misses, but overall it was still pretty good. Two big factors that made me like the place was the ambiance and the high level of service provided by the staff. I really appreciated how attentive most of their staff members were and that they were consistently polite to us during the entire night. They would not just remove the empty plates from our table without asking for our permission first; and they also didn’t interrupt our conversations without saying “excuse me” when they need to serve the next dish. I’d probably bring the rest of the family there so that they can enjoy the experience too- and I’ll have to keep in mind that I need to make better choices for our main dishes so that there would be a variety of flavors to savor. 🙂

**Cerchio is located at #76 Scout Limbaga Street, Quezon City.

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