Akiba Cafe: SM Megamall

Here’s a quick post on another cafe which we visited recently:

My brother and I decided to try Akiba Cafe at SM Megamall when we were there with the family last Sunday. We already had our lunch at an Italian restaurant and we decided we’ll have our post-meal drinks there. I didn’t know that Akiba Cafe existed until we stumbled upon it purely by chance. Dhya has heard about Akiba Cafe before, but it was also his first time to actually see the place.  It’s been so long since we last stepped inside Megamall that everything looked so interesting to me again!

Akiba logo

Akiba store
Here’s a photo of Akiba Cafe’s stall. It’s really neat! I hope they get their own “real” store space soon! I wouldn’t mind spending my lazy days there. The staff were also very nice – definitely a plus! 🙂

matcha trifle

Dhya ordered himself the famous Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea, which costs Php100 for the Huge serving. It’s almost the same with Happy Lemon’s Rock Salt and Cheese drinks in a sense that they both have the same delicious foamy top, but Akiba Cafe’s doesn’t have the strong rock salt and cheese flavor. What I love about the matcha trifle tea is that it feels like you’re just eating green tea ice cream; It also cleanses your palate quite well.

choco macadamia ice blended

Since the bro already ordered the trifle tea for himself, I decided to order the Chocolate Macadamia Ice Blended Coffee (Php120 for Large) instead. It was also very good; I wouldn’t mind ordering this again on my next visit. The whipped cream on top had a bit of sweetness to it, which I enjoyed too. 🙂

**Akiba Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of SM Megamall Building A.  

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