Okura / Hae-Song (Jupiter Street): A First Impressions Review

There was one restaurant along Jupiter in Makati which has a facade that made it very interesting. The restaurant was called Okura Hae-Song Japanese Restaurant and we were able to drop by and see the inside of the place a couple of weekends ago.  We were led to a private room where we had our meal. Here are the stuff that we had:

Fresh Salad

We were served two plates of Fresh Salad to start the meal. I liked the (sesame?) dressing quite a lot.


We were also given some Korean appetizers to whet the appetite. I loved the kimchi! I’ve always enjoyed eating kimchi, but my appreciation for it intensified after having my Korean classmate teach me how to prepare this (among other Korean dishes) back when we were still in China. It was one of the most memorable moments of my stay there. 🙂 A serving of pickled cucumbers were also served, which The Boyfriend enjoyed immensely.

salmon sashimi

The serving of salmon sashimi was just okay. It was pretty fresh and they were thick slices, but I wasn’t impressed that much.

brown rice

We had brown rice together with all the main dishes.

beef bulgogi

I believe that the Beef Bulgogi was the star of the night since everyone at the table was raving about it. This was a huge bowl filled with thinly-sliced beef, vegetables and cellophane noodles (or sotanghon, as it’s commonly referred to in Manila) swimming in sweet-salty sauce. I had the “It sucks to be me” moment during that time since I couldn’t try it out. 🙁

salmon teppanyaki

The Seafood Teppanyaki was my favorite for that night. Everything on that plate tasted great and I especially liked eating the vegetables!

rice syrup chicken

Since Okura was also owned by the same people behind the BBQ Chicken place next door, we also ordered some of their stuff. The Rice Syrup Chicken was pretty good; I loved the crunch and how it tasted like caramel-coated chicken wings. ♥

chili chicken

The Chili Chicken was the one that a lot of people approached with much hesitation because of the expected spicy kick. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t even a hint of spiciness to this chicken. When The Boyfriend tried it out, he confirmed my observation. We both preferred the Rice Syrup version.

iced tea
Two glasses of iced tea were served along with the chicken as they were said to be part of a set. They were okay, tasted like the powdered versions you can easily buy from the local grocery store.

With the mystery now gone from this experience, I think that Okura was just okay. There were some hits and misses, but I think this place is still worth a shot. I guess I’m just not that confident if I should think of it as a Japanese restaurant (as their name suggests) or more of a Korean one. I’m still interested to see how their other stuff would fare, and I might try concentrating on their Japanese dishes more on my next visit.

**Okura Hae-Song Restaurant’s address is #60 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati.

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