Seryna: Revisited

In celebration of Pointyman / Dhya’s birthday this year, the family decided to return to Seryna  in order to have another epic meal. Everyone ordered the lunch set meals again, but there were a couple of new items which we decided to try out.


For example, I decided to order a serving of Basashi (horse meat sashimi). I noticed this on the menu during our first visit to Seryna but totally forgot about it until this last visit. I was very curious on what this might taste like so when my brother and The Boyfriend said that they’d be willing to try it out with me, I decided to give it a go! Before you eat a slice of thebasashi, you have to submerse / dunk (whatever you want to do with it really) into a soy sauce – minced ginger – spring onions mixture. I had mine with a bit of wasabias well; no idea if that’s really how a person approaches this but that’s what I did.

When the thin slice of meat touched my tongue, I had to fight the urge to spit it out. Not because it tastes bad (similar to beef, in my opinion), but because my brain was telling me that I was eating something that wasn’t exactly “normal” in this part of the world. I was fighting the gag reflex for a good couple of seconds before I finally managed to swallow the food. Although the basashi wasn’t atrocious, I don’t think I’d eat this again…. unless maybe it’s cooked horse meat next time?

saba shoyaki

Christine ordered the Saba Shoyaki (mackarel). I wasn’t able to try this out but it looked pretty good.

udon set

I decided to order the Udon Set Meal and it was the bomb! You’re going to be the one to mix in the fried tempura batter, spring onions and fish cake into your soup before you eat it. The noodles were cooked perfectly, and the soup’s very flavorful but not too salty. I shared the udon with Dad since he’s into stuff like that as well.

I really liked the fact that my set meal still included several pieces of delicious sushi; my favorite one being the Inari Sushi, which is sushi rice, sesame seeds and mushrooms stuffed in tofu skin (it’s on the upper right corner of the photo).

**Seryna is located at 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. It’s right beside the Makati Cinema Square.

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  1. The Boyfriend says: Reply

    Basashi wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either, I think next time we have to cook it first 😛

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