Behrouz Persian Cuisine

For our most recent Sunday family dinner, Dad suggested we try a Persian restaurant tucked in one of the smaller streets intersecting Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Behrouz Persian Cuisine is a family-owned business with four branches in different areas of the metro. They’ve been around since 1985, serving high-quality food to their loyal customers.  Dad recalled eating there twice before and noted that the food was pretty good. A family friend was the one who introduced the place to Dad.

We ordered quite a lot for a group of only four people, but we still managed to eat everything. Most of the things we ordered arrived simultaneously so I won’t be listing them down in any particular order.

vegetable salad

Dad wanted a salad, so upon our server’s recommendation, he ordered the Vegetable Salad (Php60.00). It consisted of diced tomatoes, onions, cucumber and shredded lettuce served with a piece of calamansi, which you may squeeze over the veggies. This reminded me of the salad I used to make at home.

hummus and pita

We also ordered a serving of hummus (Php150.00) and four pieces of pita bread (Php10.00/piece). When we saw how big one piece of pita bread was, we were a bit surprised. Other restaurants would just serve half its size, so we were really not expecting to be served something so big. I have to admit that Behrouz’s pita bread was delicious! One of the best we’ve had in a long time.

beef liver with tomatoes

Dad wanted to order chicken liver, but they didn’t have that on the menu. We went with the (beef) liver with tomato and onions (Php60.00) instead. Dad found it to be very good. I was tempted to try a piece, but decided to fight the urge and stuck with the non-beef items.

lamb kaboleh

For his main dish, Dad ordered the Lamb Kobideh (Php310.00). We had to move some of the basmati rice before I took this shot so that you can see the meat since it was served buried in that mountain of rice. I was able to try a chunk of the lamb and I have to say that it was good. Dhya ordered the beef version of this dish (no photo, sorry!).

chicken bbq

Mom and I initially ordered the chicken kobideh but was informed that it was already sold out. We opted to get a serving of Chicken Barbecue (Php120.00/piece) each and then order a separate serving of basmati rice. The chicken was very, very tasty! I’m glad we were able to sample this one; it’s definitely a must-try.

basmati rice

Here’s a photo of a single serving of basmati rice (Php50.00) from Behrouz. After getting over the initial I-won’t-be-able-to-eat-all-of-this moment, we proved ourselves wrong when we managed to consume each and every grain of rice on our plates. My family couldn’t stop praising the basmati rice since it was really nice.

yogurt shake

For drinks, my brother and I tried their Yogurt Shake (Php50.00/glass). It was similar to what the other Persian restaurants served, so it was just okay for me.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal! I wasn’t expecting much when we first entered the restaurant and after noticing that they didn’t have a lot of chicken dishes compared to the number of beef dishes they served, but I’m glad that to know that this place is actually fairly decent. I now understand why this place has a lot of fans. 🙂

**Behrouz Persian Cuisine branches: Metrowalk, Pasig; Santana Grove in Sucat; Scout Tobias, Quezon City and Wilson Street in San Juan. You can visit their official Facebook page here.

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