Borough: The Podium

By the time you guys are reading this post, I’m probably on my way to the beautiful city of Hong Kong! 🙂

It’s been five years since I last set foot in Hong Kong, so I’m really looking forward to this trip. I’ll be back in a couple of days with, hopefully, a lot of stuff to share. I’m going to try to update this blog in real time while I’m there, but only if I get decent WiFi connection in the place we’ll be staying in.

I also didn’t forget to prepare a short blog post for you to enjoy while I’m away. 🙂

My brother and sister-in-law invited me and my friend (their wedding stylist) to lunch a couple of days ago as a token of appreciation. We agreed on meeting up at Borough, which is a place that my brother and I have been meaning to try since we read about it a long time ago.

My friend and I got caught in some awful mid-week traffic and were late for our lunch meeting. When we arrived, my brother and sister-in-law have already ordered appetizers for everyone to share:


The fries were delicious! They are somewhat like the Freedom Fries from Army Navy, except thicker. All four of us were really pleased with this one.

chicken wings

The other starter was a basket of chicken wings with blue cheese dip. It was pretty good too. They were spicy enough to make a person like me happy, but not too much that the average person wouldn’t dare touch them.


For our mains, we all decided to go with sandwiches. My brother ordered the BBT (chicken breast, bacon and turkey) with a side of chips.

philly cheesesteak

My sister-in-law, Christine, went with the Philly Cheese steak.

portobello mushroom burger

My friend decided to go with a serving of the Portabello Mushroom Burger. She said that this was really good; I have to make sure I give this a shot next time.

chili chicken burger

There were a lot of other things on the menu which were tempting me, but I decided to go with the Chile Chicken Burger. The chicken itself was pretty bland, but I really liked the bread. I think it was spread with generous amounts of butter and mayonnaise – Deadly, but really good. 🙂

Everyone was pretty stuffed by the end of the meal, so nobody ordered dessert anymore. Maybe next time I’ll make sure to not eat too much and leave some space for dessert; I heard that Borough’s Mom’s milk and cookies is supposed to be really nice.

Borough logo

** Borough is owned by the Il Ponticello group and is located at the ground floor of The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City. It’s open 24 hours so you can go there anytime your heart desires! ♥

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