Hong Kong Noodle Bistro *Restaurant Now Closed*

My Hong Kong series has ended and this blog entry I have for you guys today is about a restaurant found in Quezon City (although its name might mislead you a bit!). My parents and I visited the Hong Kong Noodle Bistro several Sundays ago for our family dinner. To be honest, we were initially very hesitant because the place usually doesn’t have customers whenever we passed  by. Agreeing  that we really won’t be able to know how good they are until we actually set foot inside and order something, we decided to go for it while hoping for the best.

HK Noodles Bistro logo

Mom and I let Dad take care of the ordering and here’s what we ended up having:

Yang Chow Fried Rice

We went with a serving of Yang Chow Fried Rice. I found this to be a bit bland but overall still enjoyable. I guess my Dad had a point when he said it’s best to have it like that so that the flavors won’t clash with the ones from the other dishes.

spinach with 2 kinds of eggs

We always try to make sure we have some sort of vegetable dish during our dinners, so Dad picked the Spinach with Two Kinds of Eggs (salted egg and century egg). Dad enjoyed this quite a lot. I have to agree with him when he said that the presentation could use a little more work, though.

seafood hotpot

The best one for the night was this Seafood Tofu Hotpot. I really liked the tofu! Mom liked this too, even if she had to avoid the chopped pieces of squid and shrimp.

By the time we ended the meal, all three of us were pretty full. It’s a good thing that the Hong Kong Noodle Bistro served decent Chinese cooking, or else Dad would’ve been very annoyed. We might go back and try their noodles next time when Dad feels like it. I just hope they’re not like the other Chinese restaurants we’ve been to, where things go downhill after a couple of months of being in the market.

**Hong Kong Noodle Bistro is located at 529 N.S. Amoranto (Retiro) Street, corner Pao Street, Quezon City.

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