Vina Pho (Rockwell): A First Impressions Review

My parents and I spent a Saturday at the Powerplant Mall to take a break from our weekly visits to Trinoma. We didn’t really have to buy stuff from the supermarket and I wanted them to be able to spend time in a mall which was less crowded so Rockwell was definitely the place to go to .

We arrived there early and walked around a bit, mostly checking on the goods being sold during the weekly baker’s fair held at the ground level. Once lunch time came, my parents couldn’t decide where to eat even if there were a lot of places to choose from. They finally decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant after almost half an hour of discussing which restaurant appealed to them the most.

Vina Pho logo

fresh spring rolls

We started the meal off with this serving of Fresh Spring Rolls. This was honestly a big disappointment in terms of taste and presentation. Mom found the wrapper to be tough to chew on. All three of us noticed that the rolls were bland (despite the sauce). And just look at how pale they look….It’s so depressing. 🙁

chicken pho

For our mains, Mom and I ordered the same dish: a regular bowl of Chicken Pho. The taste was just so-so, but I really liked the texture of their noodles. It was chewy!

Beef pho

Dad chose to go with the special Beef Pho (I couldn’t remember the exact name, but there were supposed to be brisket, tripe, etc. in it). Dad said that there was too little meat and that the large serving wasn’t enough to satisfy him. Needless to say, Dad wasn’t very happy with this meal.

The food here was just average. My parents and I agree that Pho Hoa is far better in terms of food and service. The prices in Vina Pho are lower, but their serving sizes are also smaller so it still doesn’t really make it worth it.

Dad was also extremely annoyed when one of the female servers whose shift hasn’t started yet was seated a couple of tables away from us and was applying her make up, obviously not caring whether or not she’s seen by the customers. I hope their management reminds their staff to head to the nearest restrooms if they need to prep for work, and not do it in the customers’ dining area.

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