We had a 4-day weekend here in Manila last week, and I spent two of those days playing the Xbox 360. I haven’t been able to play anything since early August (when I was addicted to Zumba Fitness for the Kinect :p) so I had to charge all the batteries for the controllers again and allow the console to update its software.

The main reason why I decided to use the Xbox again is because my brothers were asking me to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It took a bit of nudging for me to start playing since I thought it was an FPS – and believe me when I say that I’m not a fan of shooters. I tend to panic when my character’s under fire and I’m really bad with the crosshair. :p

Anyway, my brother assured me that I’ll be able to enjoy XCOM since it was a turn-based strategy game, much like Shadow Watch (the magic words!), so I dove straight in.

And yep, I’m now an XCOM fan.

IMG_20121027_151418.If you’re one of the few people who follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen me upload the image above last week. 🙂 Oh, Dance Central 3 also rocks! The choreography is a little more challenging compared to the first two games from this franchise, but still a whole lot of fun to play.

I’ve also been forcing myself not to play this game right before I head to bed, because I have trouble falling asleep after. I get too consumed thinking about the game that I’m just there, staring at the ceiling, wide awake.

Now you know why you’ll have to excuse me for not being able to post food-related entries. I’ll get back to the food blogging once I finish going through my stash of digital photos. I promise not to get too distracted by the Xbox :p

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