Inside the Bakery Fair 2013…Continued

As promised, I’m going to share with you my favorite part in the entire Bakery Fair: the cakes! I’ve been a big fan of cakes since I was very young, so seeing all these beautiful creations is always a treat.

ABC Bakery Team

One of the teams which I have high respect for is the ABC Bakery Team from Vietnam. I always make it a point to watch them design their cakes. 🙂 Below are some of the ones which they were able to prepare for this year’s fair:

ABC Bakery 1

ABC Bakery 2

ABC Bakery 3
I love the simplicity of this cake! I love chocolate/coffee/mocha, and this cake just reminds me of all of those things that make me happy! ♥

ABC Bakery 4

ABC Bakery 5?

If those cakes from ABC Bakery weren’t enough, here’s some of the other ones for you. A competition was held so that companies and bakeries could design cakes which showcased this year’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” theme (in coordination with the Department of Tourism). Here were some of my favorites:

Mix Plants entry

The entry from Mix-Plant, Inc. (the winner of the Cake Display Competition).

Baker's Fair entry

Bakers’ Fair’s entry

Baker's Fair entry close up

A  closer look at the details on their cake. Such pretty and happy colors!

Ferna entry

FERNA Corporation‘s entry

Ferna entry close up

Here’s a close-up shot of FERNA‘s cake detail. I really liked how colorful the bottom half of their cake was. The mask was really pretty, in my opinion. And if those weren’t enough, the little bees were absolutely adorable! 🙂 I think that sealed the deal for me. 🙂

I mentioned in my older post that this year’s fair was a little different with the introduction of the Steamed Buns Competition. This part was sponsored by Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. and had the contestants prepare steamed buns that showcased their creativity. The contestants had to make the buns from scratch during the early part of Day 1 and judging was held in the late afternoon of the same day. You can find some of the entries below:

steamed buns 1

steamed buns 2

steamed buns 3

Neat, huh? It’s nice to know that we have such talented people in Manila who are able to create such things. I look forward to seeing more of our local bakeries develop their styles as the months go by. It would be nice to see more groups showcase their expertise at the next Bakery Fair in 2015! 🙂

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