DRAFT Gastropub Manila: Greenbelt 2

I had time to sort through my folders of digital photos and remembered that I haven’t blogged about my visit to DRAFT. We went there on a random weekday for lunch several months ago, after a short meeting with a 3rd party delivery company. It wasn’t surprising that there weren’t any other customers in the restaurant. DRAFT‘s usually packed during night time and/or weekends and holidays.

Draft logo

DRAFT was supposed to be a place that people go to for good European beer drinking, so my brother decided to order one type of alcoholic drink to try. I don’t recall what it was, but I know that he thought it was pretty okay.

There were only three of us dining during that visit, and since we’ve already had something to eat at Starbucks during the meeting, we decided to order just a couple of dishes and split it among ourselves.

sausage platter

We decided to try their Sausage Sampler (Php425.00). Sad to say, this was a very big disappointment. There were 3 types of sausages in the platter: Two of them were pork, the other one was veal. None of them tasted good. One of them (the red one in the photo) even tasted just like your ordinary commercial hot dog!  :-/

The marble potatoes and the sauerkraut which accompanied the sausages were all failures too. Looking for delicious sauerkraut? I suggest heading to the Old Swiss Inn along Makati Avenue.

chicken schnitzel

We wanted to order another dish to split among the three of us and we decided to go with a serving of Chicken Schnitzel (Php325.00). For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a schnitzel is, it’s basically a piece of very thin boneless meat (it can be pork, chicken, beef, etc.) coated with bread crumbs and fried. Our chicken schnitzel came with a serving of delicious fries and a side salad. The schnitzel itself wasn’t very impressive; it was just okay. The fries, on the other hand, were yummy!

mussels pot

One of the most interesting stuff on DRAFT’s menu were their Mussel Pots (Php625.00).  They had four different kinds available during our visit: (1) Angry Drunk Mussels, (2) Tomato Saffron, (3) Mariniere, and (4) Laksa. Our group decided to go with the Angry Drunk Mussels, which means that our mussels were cooked using Hoegaarden Beer as one of the ingredients. It was also served with some slices of bread, those delicious fries and a small bowl of aioli.

This was definitely the highlight and the one dish that saved the visit. The broth was excellent! It was a bit saltier than expected, but it went really well with the slices of bread and the fries. All three of us enjoyed dunking / pouring / smothering our food with that broth. If only we didn’t care about our health, we probably would’ve made sure we consumed every single drop of that precious liquid. Yes, I know that this dish is NOT cheap, but this is probably the only thing we’d think of ordering again IF we find ourselves back in DRAFT. Maybe, just maybe, we’d also go with a bottle or two of European beer. 😛

** We visited the DRAFT Gastropub located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. You may want to visit their other branches located at the Bonifacio Global City and the Powerplant Mall. You may also check their official Facebook page here.

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