[Malaysia] Fast food: KFC

I don’t normally go for Western fast food items whenever I’m travelling, especially so when I’m with my Dad. We prefer eating the local specialties than eating food that we can readily get here in Manila. During my recent trip to Malaysia, I had to go against the practice that I’m so accustomed to when our group stopped by KFC en route to another tour site. Most of the items looked familiar, but what caught my eye was this poster below:

KFC Malaysia poster

*Photo above borrowed from KFC Malaysia’s official website.*

We definitely don’t have that in Manila! I don’t even see the dinner rolls in the Manila menu boards anymore (although I’ve heard that you could still request for them if you wish). All five of us in our group decided to go with the Oriental Set. It came with two pieces of fried chicken (original or hot & spicy), Colonel Chicken Rice, the Chili Snow Crab Sauce, two pieces of Shrimp Stars (not in photo above) and soda of your choice.

Mountain Dew

My soda for that afternoon was this ice cold cup of Mountain Dew.

KFC Malaysia Oriental Meal

When this plate was placed in front of me, I was amused. Malaysia‘s serving sizes were way bigger than the ones in Manila and they serve two chicken thighs with your set. Here in Manila, you wouldn’t be able to do that since the staff will always tell you that they are required to serve “1 small part and 1 big part” (example: 1 wing and 1 chicken thigh). I enjoyed eating (Hainanese?) chicken rice and smothering those fried Shrimp Stars with the spicy chili crab sauce.  Honestly, I was thinking this meal wouldn’t work without the endless amount of gravy served, but thankfully, it did!

The only down side to this? I ordered the hot & spicy fried chicken version and it wasn’t spicy at all. It tasted like regular chicken to me.

**Visit KFC Malaysia’s official website for more information. 

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  1. It’s so interesting to see the different menu items at the Malaysian KFC. I’d love to try the chicken rice and shrimp stars.

    1. It’s amusing, isn’t it? I might make “visiting KFC” a must-do when I travel to other countries. 🙂

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