Chimara Neo-Vegan Café: Greenbelt 3

On my last day of babysitting the cats at my brother’s place, I decided I wanted to eat something healthy for lunch. I’m not the type to shy away from consuming vegetables so I thought I should pay Chimara Neo-Vegan Café a visit. I went straight to Greenbelt 3‘s cinema level after finishing the things I had to do at home and checked what they had to offer.

Chimara logo

I have long known that Chimara was from the same group which handled Taters. According to their website, they got the name for this establishment from the word “Chimera, a.k.a., an impossible dream”.

It took me longer than usual to decide on what I should get for myself. Good thing that it was a Thursday afternoon, post-lunch hour, so nobody was next to me in line. Prior to this visit, the only items I’ve ever tried from their establishment was their tofu chips and wasabi flavored popcorn. I ended up loving both and was tempted to just get those and be on my way. I had to force myself to choose something else from the menu.

chicken slaw wrap

Standing there, I contemplated getting myself a pita wrap or a panini instead. In the end, I decided to go with a pita wrap: the Chunky “Chicken” Slaw (Php145.00). This might not look like much in the photo above, but this was actually pretty big. I was surprised when the staff at Chimara handed this to me, since I’m so used to getting tiny pita wraps whenever I eat out. It was very heavy and smelled delicious!

inside the wrap

So what does it have inside? There were chunks of tofu (the “chicken”), apples, cucumbers, raisins, peanuts, carrot sticks and lettuce, all wrapped neatly in a whole wheat tortilla. You also get to choose what dressing you want to have with it; I went with creamy yogurt.  I had my pita to-go and ate it back at my brother’s place. It was really, really good! I have no regrets. ♥

I’m happy to have found another item from Chimara that can easily satisfy my craving. I’m pretty sure this would go well with a small bag of their sour cream flavored tofu chips. That’s something I’ll consider for days when I’m REALLY hungry and would need more stuff to keep me going. 🙂

**If you want to learn more about Chimara, click here to visit their official Facebook page. They also have a Twitter account, in case you’re interested (@ChimaraNeovegan).

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