Bistro Ravioli: Greenbelt 1

I’m still here, guys! I took a few weeks off blogging to focus on our family business and recuperate from a really bad cold. The Christmas season is one of the most exhausting times for people in the food industry, but I’m very happy that we’ve managed to get more satisfied customers through referrals. I have a bit of free time right now so I’ll start working on my backlogs for you. 🙂

Several Sundays ago, The Boyfriend and I were looking for a place which we haven’t tried yet. We agreed on eating something Italian so we scouted the Greenbelt area for possible places and ended up dining at Bistro Ravioli (located at Greenbelt 1). This place isn’t new, by the way. It’s been open for a long time and has already several branches, but we just never thought of giving it a shot until that particular Sunday.

Bistro Ravioli logo

red iced tea

The Boyfriend ordered a glass of Red Iced Tea for himself.

lemon iced tea

I went with a glass of Lemon Iced Tea since I was in the mood for sweet drinks that day. Very uncharacteristic of me, since I often go for a glass of water or hot tea, if it’s available.

Diablo Wings

We decided to split a serving of Diablo Wings between the two of us.  We happened to like this a lot, especially the dip that came with it.  It kind of reminded me of the ones we enjoy having at Don Henrico’s.

Salmon Ravioli

The Boyfriend ordered a serving of Salmon Ravioli in Saffron Cream Sauce for his main dish.  I managed to try a bit and we agreed that this dish was just okay. It didn’t taste very special, but it was satisfying. I remember commenting that the salmon inside reminded me of the canned salmon my parents brought back from L.A.

Seafood Garlic Pasta

I was already very hungry but I didn’t feel like eating anything too heavy. After going through the menu several times, I settled with the Garlic Seafood Spaghetti. This dish consisted of clams, squid, shrimp and bacon sauteed in lots of garlic. I enjoyed how flavorful this was but found the seafood broth to be too salty when I’ve already eaten all of the pasta.

Bistro Ravioli’s honestly a pretty decent place to dine at. It’s a no-fuss restaurant which serves satisfying meals without completely breaking the bank. The dining area at the Greenbelt 1 branch is a little too crowded for me since they have very little space, but I guess it wouldn’t be too bothersome if you don’t go there during the peak lunch/dinner hours. The servers were also all courteous during our visit.

***Visit their website or their Facebook page for more information.

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