Kokoro Ramenya (Fisher Mall): A First Impressions Review

One random weekday, my parents decided we should visit the newly opened Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue. We didn’t have any particular agenda in mind so when we spotted Kokoro Ramenya after getting off one of the escalators, we decided to try what they had to offer.

Koko Ramenya logo

Kokoro Ramenya’s Fisher Mall branch is their second one. The original branch is found at the second floor of the Avenue of the Arts Building in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. It’s said to be right across the US Embassy.

iced tea

Mom’s drink of choice was the Kokoro Lemon Iced Tea (Php50.00, single serve). I had one sip and agreed with Mom’s positive rating. It didn’t hurt that it was already pretty cheap versus the ones from other places we’ve visited.

hot barley tea

Dad and I chose to go with their hot barley tea. I seriously think barley tea is just one of the best stuff in the world!

spicy tuna sashimi

Dad and I could never resist ordering spicy sashimi whenever we’re at a Japanese place, thus we had the Spicy Tuna Sashimi (Php225.00) as part of our meal at Kokoro Ramenya. Their version’s a bit different from the other restaurants’ since they don’t use mayonnaise. They resorted to chili oil, which made it taste a lot spicier and more satisfying. Yum!

California Maki

Mom’s favorite California Maki (Php165.00) was something we couldn’t not order. It was delicious, although we didn’t see or taste anything that would make it stand out from other restaurants’.

Gomoku Ramen

Dad was craving for ramen but he wanted something that was different from what he usually ate. He decided to try the Gomoku Ramen (Php275.00), a light, clear soup base with noodles, thinly sliced pork, shrimp, mixed vegetables and half a soft-boiled egg. He liked this very much, not just because of the flavor but also because it was served very hot. It was a big plus since a lot of other Japanese places have a tendency to serve their soups lukewarm.

tonkatsu bento

It took Mom some time before deciding on what to get and finally settled on the Tonkatsu Bento (Php265.00). It came with a bowl of hot soup, rice and stir fried noodles. She said the pork tonkatsu tasted fine, but some parts were tough to chew on.

coffee jelly

Her bento also came with a dessert, which I ended up eating. This small container of coffee jelly was slightly bitter so Mom wasn’t a fan. I, on the other hand, thought it was the perfect palate cleanser.

kara age

I decided to order a serving of their Tori Kara Age (Php195.00) to share with my parents. Same with the ramen, this was served really hot! We really liked the way the crispy batter enveloped the tender meat inside; however, we thought it was best to leave the sauce untouched. Their sauce was the sticky, sweet brown type which would appeal to those with a sweet tooth. We found that the simple soy sauce complemented the fried chicken better than the sauce provided.


One other dish that Dad and I split between the two of us was this serving of Chirashi Sushi (Php275.00). The fragrant rice was topped with different sashimi, daikon (white radish) and slices of unagi (grilled eel). I had to take a photo of both sides of the bowl to show you what’s included. Just one side wouldn’t show everything.

The chirashi sushi was pretty good in general. Most of the stuff were fresh, except for the salmon sashimi. The salmon pieces were also sliced a bit too thick. Apart from that, we thought that it was still acceptable.

Our visit to Kokoro Ramenya’s branch in Fisher Mall was decent and satisfying. Service was quick and most of the staff we spoke with knew how to address our concerns properly. We did notice that there was an issue with their air conditioning since we weren’t the only customers who chose to eat at the tables found along the mall’s corridors versus inside the actual restaurant. Hopefully, that has already been fixed by this time. We’d love to be able to sit inside when we return for another meal.

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