Robinson’s Magnolia City Food Picks (Part 1 of 2)

“Where do we eat?”

That’s the most common question we ask each other during certain times of the day. Usually, people end up having long discussions about this before finally settling for a particular establishment.

Robinson's Magnolia facade

For those living in the New Manila area, especially in the modern Robinson’s Magnolia Residences, finding a place to eat at has just been made easier with the selections at the nearby mall. Robinson’s partnered with Mr. RJ Ledesma and Mr. Anton Diaz to showcase some of the places in Robinson’s Magnolia where you can find good eats.

With people leading busier lifestyles these days, many tend to not have enough time to prepare meals on their own. Although I’m a big supporter of enjoying home cooked meals with the family, I know that there are times when some things can get in the way. Whether it’s because of our jobs, state of our health or lack of space, eating out (or ordering takeaway) definitely becomes one of the easier options.

C' Verde store

In Robinson’s Magnolia, you’re given the chance to enjoy healthier alternatives from your usual food court choices.  C’Verde is operated by the same people behind Big Chill, a famous chain which provides fresh fruit juices and shakes to the public. They offer a variety of vegetarian-friendly items that non-vegetarians could also enjoy. They offer appetizers, sandwiches and gourmet burgers. Of course their signature juices are still part of their menu.

bean and cheese taquitos

We were able to sample their Bean and Cheese Taquitos, which are beans and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla. These are served with your choice of salsa or sour cream; we were able to eat them with the latter. I have to admit that I ended up liking this very much! I’ll definitely be back for more of their food.

Zigla store

Zigla! is another healthy option for those who are watching their calorie intake. They offer fresh juices, soups and 300-calorie meals. I’ve visited this place before, so I noticed the changes in their menu when we were there for the food tour.

Zigla tuna sandwiches

During the tour, we were given a chance to try their tuna and cheese sandwiches. The high-fiber whole wheat bread was filled with tuna, onions, celery and an egg-pimiento spread. I honestly found it to be a bit dry so I wasn’t very impressed with this one. I preferred the food that I had during my own visit over these sandwiches.

A few steps away from Zigla! was Pad Thai and more. This is another one of the stalls where I’ve already been able to eat from before (making my being a mall-rat just plain obvious. :p).  If I remember correctly, Pad Thai and more is owned by Chef Cecille Chang, the woman behind Silk Road in Fort Bonifacio. I was given the opportunity to meet Chef Cecille when she hosted an event at one of her establishments last year. Pad Thai and more is her version of quality Thai food at budget friendly prices.

Shrimp Pad Thai

Their chicken pad thai tasted nice, even if you decide to eat it without the condiments that came with it. I also liked the crunch of the bean sprouts against the chewy noodles.

House of Silvanas store

After all those savory treats, we were led to the House of Silvanas. This brand has been around for decades, providing the public with delicious silvanas and sans rival. They not only have branches here in the Philippines, they also have stores in both Southern and Northern California.

house of silvanas products

For those who aren’t familiar with these goodies, silvanas are two pieces of cashew-meringue wafers with a layer of buttercream in between. Back when I was younger, there was only one flavor available. Nowadays, House of Silvanas have seven different flavors: original, ube, buko pandan, mango, mocha, chocolate and strawberry. I liked all the flavors we were able to try, but ube (purple yam) became my ultimate favorite!

Villa del Conte store

After the silvanas, our tastebuds were treated to another type of dessert. Villa Del Conte offers quality Italian chocolates and is known to have an 81-year old history. Two of their best sellers are the milk chocolate praline sticks filled with watermelon cream filling and the dark chocolate praline balls with hazelnut cream filling. All their chocolates come in these beautiful boxes which are perfect as gifts. I recall my brother and sister-in-law giving my Mom a box of the watermelon ones last year.

The Clubhouse logo

For our main meals, we were led to one of the places located at the mall’s ground floor. The Clubhouse, an idea of a group of friends who wanted a place where they could hang out, opened their doors to the public in December 2012. They are known for serving what they referred to as “modern comfort food”.

The Clubhouse nook

I loved the interiors of this place. It wasn’t very big, but there were so many things to look at. I noticed that they had a corner with a “Books for Tots” container, which I found to be really cute.

Dalandan Iced Tea

Dalandan iced tea was the beverage served to us that evening. I found this be pretty nice, since it wasn’t too sweet. I also didn’t have trouble detecting the citrus flavor.

Hungarian sausages from The Clubhouse

The people behind this restaurant were so generous to let us sample a number of their items. One of the items was their Hungarian Sausage. This was served with eggs on the side.

toast with jam and butter

They also have your standard Bread and Jam. You are given the option to choose the type of bread you want to have, and they’re served alongside some butter and jam.

mushroom truffle scramble

One other item on their selection was the Truffle Mushroom Scramble. I’m not sure if it was just me and if there was supposed to be truffle oil in this, but I hardly noticed any of it while I was eating this.


We were also provided some salad greens to enjoy.

tuyo fried rice

Their Tuyo Rice Bowl consists of garlic fried rice, tuyo (dried fish), olives, mushrooms, capers and an egg. I believe they also have the option to make this dish spicy; you just have to inform your server about it.  

pineapple salsa

The Clubhouse serves this special pineapple salsa along with their Tuyo Rice Bowl. It’s one the things they’re famous for. I thought that adding pineapples to the salsa certainly took it up a notch in terms of flavor.

Vigan Longganisa Hash

The city of Vigan in Ilocos Sur is famous for their longganisa, a type of sausage made with different spices. Different places in the country have different longganisa recipes, so the flavors may vary depending on which area you visit.

In The Clubhouse, they have a dish called Vigan Longganisa Hash. It consists of two pieces of Vigan longganisa, sauteed with potatoes and served with garlic parsley rice, two eggs (cooked depending on what you wanted) and their pineapple salsa.

I was already pretty full when we were done with the meal at The Clubhouse, but the surprises and good food didn’t end there. We were brought to one other place for another round of main meals. What’s the place, you ask? I’ll let you know on Thursday when Part 2 of the Robinson’s Magnolia City Food Pick Tours coverage comes out. 🙂

**Robinson’s Magnolia is located along Doña Hemady Street in Quezon City. It’s very near the Horseshoe Village.  

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