Swensen’s: SM North EDSA, The Block

A lot of people I know fall in love with two major types of desserts: ice cream and cakes. I, myself, am a very big fan of cakes but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy indulging in ice cream once in a while.  Although coffee, chocolate and green tea will always hold the top 3 spots in my heart, a little bit of something else is always good. If you’re like me in terms of wanting to have a good selection of flavors to choose from, then Swensen’s may just be the one for you.

Founder Earle Swensen‘s business was said to be built on three principles: quality, variety and value for money. Everything started in San Francisco, California and from there, it has spread to several franchises found all over world, including stores in several Asian countries. From the simple vanilla to the (slightly) intimidating Mega Sundae selections, they are sure to have something for you.

Swensen's owners

The Guerrero family is the one responsible for bringing this brand of ice cream into the Philippine market. Their first branch is located at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

ribbon cutting

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held after a short prayer. It was so cute to watch the family as they officially opened the SM North EDSA branch to the public.

Face painting

Apart from the food, Swensen’s also prepared some extra entertainment for the opening. This was a treat, especially for those who had kids with them. There’s a face painting section…


and an area where you may get your balloon animals from the balloon twisting artist.


Everyone was excited to try some Swensen’s products after the ribbon cutting. Apart from ice cream flavors, Swensen’s also offer a wide array of toppings which they use for your chosen ice cream creation. From cherries, pineapples and bananas to cornflakes, rainbow sprinkles and brownies; you’ll find the good stuff on their menu.

Scanning through their list of items could send any dessert lover into a state of frenzy. There are so many good things to order, it’s difficult to choose just one! To give you an idea on what you may possibly enjoy when you visit, here are some of the items we were given the opportunity to sample:

banana split

Banana Split (Php270.00): the classic favorite. A scoop each of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, topped with strawberry and pineapple jams, chocolate fudge, almonds, whipped cream and a cherry.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush (Php220.00). A scoop each of chocolate and coffee flavored ice cream, topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry. All this, mixed with a bit of butterscotch syrup and the addition of the signature Swensen’s fan wafer, really add up to make this a comforting dessert.

Oreo Brownie

Are you an Oreo fan? Better try the Oreo Brownie (Php265.00) found under their Sundae Baskets section for a fun treat! The brownies included in this dessert are really, really good. I remember sharing a serving of this with my Mom at the SM Mall of Asia branch a couple of years back and we both fell in love with this. ♥


One of Swensen’s Signature Sundaes is called the Nutty Crispy Tower (Php245.00, pictured on the left). The bloggers I was with and I all agreed that this was delicious, especially since the crunchy nuts created a nice contrast to the smooth and creamy ice cream.

The Coffee Mocha Almond (Php245.00, photo on the right) is a combination of coffee and nuts ice cream with hot fudge, caramel and almonds.

Tip: These two look almost the same; take note of the cherries and the bananas to help differentiate them from one another. 🙂

Chocolate Earthquake

The Chocolate Earthquake (Php675.00), a gigantic dessert composed of 8 scoops of ice cream, topped with chocolate coated cherries, brownies, chocolate fudge, almonds, whipped cream and the Swensen’s fan wafer. I love chocolates, but I don’t think I’ll ever attempt finishing this off by myself. Definitely ideal for sharing!

The Swensen’s branch in The Block is conveniently located at the 2nd floor, in between Uniqlo and Forever 21. Whenever you want to take a break from all the shopping and give your feet some time to rest, head to Swensen’s and treat yourself to something sweet.

*A big thank you to the entire Swensen’s Philippines team, Ace Azarraga and Aldous for inviting Have at You! to the opening.

**Learn more about Swensen’s Philippines by visiting their official Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter, @SwensensPH.

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