Maleficent: Block Screening in Trinoma

I no longer get to go to the cinema as often as I did a few years ago, but whenever I get the chance, I always request we go to the ones found inside Ayala malls. I like watching movies there mainly because of the comfortable chairs, ample leg room and the reserved seating process. Not to mention that when you want to grab something to munch on, there’s always a good selection of snacks to choose from just outside the cinema area (Tater’s has always been a personal favorite!).

Trinoma cinema ticket area

TriNoMa is the closest Ayala mall from my place so it’s usually the one I go to when there’s a movie I want to watch. There are times when friends invite me to join them in Greenbelt and I don’t hesitate to do so. Greenbelt is also part of the Ayala malls and has one of the nicer cinemas as well!

Maleficent ticket

Last week, I had the opportunity to join Louisa of Art of Being a Mom and other fellow bloggers for a block screening of Disney’s Maleficent in TriNoMa. I was so excited when I learned about it because I’ve liked that character for as long as I can remember. I was eager to know how they were going to make a story with her being the main character.

Food before the movie

Before we were ushered inside the actual cinema, we were all treated to some food from Fish & Co. and TGI Fridays. We enjoyed their bestsellers while getting the chance to mingle with the other guests and watch those who participated in the games. Gift certificates and movie passes were just some of the prizes given away to those who won.

I won’t go into a full movie review, but I will have to say that Angelina Jolie’s performance was superb! I’ve seen her in her other movies, but the way she gave life to Maleficent made me fully appreciate her skills as an actress. There were times when her facial expressions alone could evoke certain emotions, depending on the scene in the movie. She could probably make the entire movie work without most of the supporting cast.

One other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the costumes! I liked how dramatic they were. I thought they were able to successfully contribute in creating the proper feel for the entire movie.

Although there were moments when the movie slightly reminded me of Wicked, I still think that Maleficent was an amusing film in general. The story itself wasn’t as absorbing as the portrayal of the title character, but it’s an entertaining thing to watch if you’re looking for something that isn’t too “heavy”.

*Thank you to Ayala malls for inviting us to this event! 

**Most of the photos found in this post were courtesy of Louisa. Thanks!

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