The Old Spaghetti House’s New Menu Items

Last Saturday evening, I joined my fellow food and lifestyle bloggers at The Old Spaghetti House’s (TOSH) Katipunan branch for a food sampling event. They were launching several new products on their menu and we were there to check them out.

TOSH storefront

Along with the new items, TOSH has also recently started renovating their stores to make them less dim and a bit more welcoming. Most of their stores are now brighter and less cluttered, but still retain that homey feel. They also updated their logo by removing the black circle surrounding the establishment’s name.

iced tea

Despite the restaurant being packed with diners, we were still entertained well by Marketing Manager Mr. Ace Azarraga and Operations Manager Ms. Trixie Domingo. They hosted the event and introduced us to the dishes which we were able to enjoy. A glass of their Iced Tea (Php45 for single serve, Php65 for refillable, Php120 for a pitcher) accompanied all the food that we had that night.

Roasted Corn and Pumpkin Chowder

Our dinner started off with their Roasted Corn and Pumpkin Chowder (Php115.00).

Grilled Chicken Salad

Their Grilled Chicken, Apples and Almond Salad was the newest addition to their list of salads (Php145 for single, Php275 for sharing). The dressing used for this is the roasted garlic mayo.

ham and cheese croquettes

For those craving for deep fried items, they have the Ham and Cheese Croquette (Php145.00) that may satisfy your desires.

fried wonton wrappers with spinach cheese dip

Another one is their Fried Wonton and Spinach-Cheese Dip (Php120.00).

Cajun Seafood Fry

Last of the appetizers served was the Cajun Seafood Fry (Php245.00). This was my favorite for the evening. Squid, mussels and other seafood pieces battered and deep fried, then served with Thai Chili Mayo on the side.

penne inasal

They had quite a lot of new pasta dishes on their menu. We started off with the Penne with Grilled Chicken Inasal (Php180.00). Chicken Inasal is a specialty in the city of Bacolod. According to Wikipedia, the chicken is first marinated in  mixture of lime, vinegar, pepper and annatto before being grilled over hot charcoals.

spaghetti ramen with seafood broth

Next one served was their Spaghetti Ramen with Seafood in Ham Broth (Php245.00). This became a favorite of some of the bloggers I was with.

chili con carne pasta

If you’re looking for something on the spicier end of the spectrum, try their Chili Con Carne Pasta (Php185.00). It does look a lot like your ordinary spaghetti, just with a kick.

breakfast pasta

Their Breakfast Pasta (Php210.00) was served next. This was a cream-based dish with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and a fried egg. This was the pasta item I found most enjoyable, although I would’ve preferred the egg yolk to be a bit more runny so that it blends better with the pasta.

Italian Sausage with Vodka pasta

Next on the list was their Italian Sausage with Vodka in Creamy Tomato Sauce (Php230.00). A lot of us were intrigued by this, but sadly, I wasn’t a fan upon getting to try it. I also noticed that it wasn’t as creamy as the name suggests.

Cilantro Lime pasta

It wasn’t on the list of things we were going to sample, but the TOSH team served us one extra dish: the Grilled Chicken and Lime Cilantro Pasta (Php180.00). Some people may be put off by the taste of the cilantro, but I thought it was actually pretty refreshing!

Before I move on to the other items, I wanted to let you know that you can easily request for the type of noodles to be used in your pasta dishes. For example, you may want to have angel’s hair pasta instead of penne for the inasal. Just let your server know and they’ll be happy to customize the dish for you!

Angus Chuck Beef Ribs

For their mains, we were served three different items. The first one was the Angus Chuck Beef Strips with Mushrooms (Php245.00). It was cooked in a brown sauce, which a lot of my fellow bloggers thought was delicious. A big serving of rice also comes with this entree.

Cajun chicken jambalaya

Next came the Cajun Grilled Chicken Jambalaya (Php225.00).

Roast Chicken

Last of the mains was their Half Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon (Php310.00), which was served with gravy and shoestring potatoes on the side.

Margherita pizza

I enjoyed eating TOSH’s pizza during my other visits and was excited for the ones to be served during the event. I was only able to try two, with the first one being their Margherita Pizza (Php235 for 11″, Php350 for 14″). This simple blend of tomatoes, mozarella and fresh basil on a thin and crunchy crust was very comforting to me.

seafood pizza

Their Seafood Pizza (Php315 for 11″, Php465 for 14″) was topped with mussels, cream dory fillets, shrimps, squid and mozarella cheese.

assorted van dough cookies

After trying out so many dishes, we were treated to a couple of yummy desserts. We were given a chance to sample an assortment of TOSH’s Van Dough cookies (Php90.00 for a trio). These soft, chewy cookies are all baked fresh in small batches daily. Only selected TOSH branches have the Van Dough cookies available. They are planning to expand their Van Dough line to include more pastries in the future.

Of the four flavors we were able to try, my favorite was the Gluten Free Flourless Double Chocolate cookie. It’s the one that looks the least attractive in the photo above, but the taste will surely win you over (especially if you’re a big fan of chocolates). We were informed that TOSH makes use of Ghirardelli chocolates, which I happen to love!

The Van Dough cookies come in the following variants: Double Chocolate Chip, Belgian White Chocolate Chip, Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Flourless Double Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Kiss, Lace Cookies and Choco Caramel Cookie Bars.

One other dessert we were able to enjoy wasn’t a new one on their menu, but has always been one of their best sellers: the Golden Oreo Cookie ala Mode (Php110.00). Four Oreos battered and deep fried, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. This is a really sinful treat!

*Interested? Head to the nearest TOSH near you. Here are some of The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH)‘s branches in Metro Manila: Katipunan, Bohol Avenue, U.P. Technohub, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Galleria, Festival Mall. You may also request for delivery via City Delivery.

**Thank you to the entire TOSH team and Aldous for inviting Have at You! to the event.

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