OVN Bread Co.: SM Aura Premier

I found myself at SM Aura Premier last Tuesday after completing a delivery somewhere in The Fort. It’s rare for me to visit this part of the metro (especially with the parents in tow) since it’s a long way from home. We decided to make the most of the trip and check the different stores in this upscale mall.

OVN storefront

We noticed that there were a lot of different bakeries inside. Mom and I were looking for stuff we could have for breakfast, so we zeroed in on OVN Bread Co. while Dad was busy looking at new appliances in a nearby store.

I spoke with one of their staff and was informed that OVN opened a year ago, almost at the same time when SM Aura was opened to the public. They’re a very chic looking place and is proud to be locally owned. They also don’t use any preservatives, so their products are said to only have a 2-day shelf life.

wheat bread loaf

I’m always on the lookout for bread and pastries which are sugar-free, so that Dad has something that he could enjoy. I was informed that their wheat bread loaf (Php120.00) did not contain any sugar, so I made sure I bought one. It’s very dense and chewy- characteristics that Dad has always preferred in a bread. Mom said they already ate some of these for breakfast yesterday and enjoyed it immensely (even better when left in the toaster for a few minutes).

OVN breads

Apart from bread loaves and little tarts, OVN also had some several fun looking ensaymada and other bread available in store. The ensaymada I’m used to seeing is the type which had margarine, grated cheese and sugar on top. Stores like OVN decided to put a little twist to the classic and top them with butter cream and other ingredients.

I decided to choose a couple of items from their selection to take home with us (from the top, clockwise, starting from the one with the brown swirl): Yema and Sea Salt Ensaymada (Php80.00), 3-bite bun Oreo (Php40.00), Bacon Ensaymada (Php80.00) and the Benguet Strawberries and Cream Cheese (Php75.00). Mom absolutely loved the sweet-salty Yema and Sea Salt version, while I (surprisingly) preferred the one with strawberries.

OVN packaging

By the way, those goodies were placed in the box pictured above. I found their packaging to be really nice. Very simple, clean and straight to the point. The only downside to it is that the pastries had a tendency to stick to each other during transport since there was no barrier of some sort to help them stay in place.

I personally think OVN’s a place which I wouldn’t mind buying from whenever I get the chance to drop by SM Aura. I have future plans of trying their Chocolate Loaf, piggy shaped Street Barbecue Buns and Barako Coffee Buns. I’m also hoping there will come a time when they open a store in the northern part of the city. 🙂

 *Interested? OVN Bread Co. is located at Unit 012 Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Visit their official Facebook page by clicking here.


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