CaliBurger (Century City Mall): A First Impressions Review

CaliBurger storefront

I’ve never heard of CaliBurger until we saw its branch at the Century City Mall.  I loved how spacious the restaurant was and how it felt like such a laid back place. If you’re not too keen on staying indoors, they have an outdoor seating area where you get to watch the cars crawl along Kalayaan Avenue.

CaliBurger menu board

Upon seeing their menu, I thought they had a pretty limited selection of stuff compared to other places. I checked the CaliBurger International website and noticed that they had several other items on their menu that weren’t available here. Maybe the Philippine franchise will eventually expand their menu to include those.


Most of the burger joints here in Manila used to offer unlimited drinks, but that was slowly removed as the years passed. For those still looking for that particular trait in a burger place, CaliBurger is the answer. They offer unlimited refills on their sodas, juices and iced tea for Php75.00. Just go up to the other side of their counters and have your paper cups filled by the service team.

BBQ Beef Burger

Most of my companions opted to go for the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (Php195.00 ala carte, Php275.00 for a meal with fries and unlimited drink refills) since it was the newest one on their menu. You can’t see it very clearly in the photo above, but this was supposed to have double smoked bacon, vegetables and a homemade BBQ sauce inside along with the thin USDA prime Angus beef patty.

By the way,  if you don’t feel like having beef in your burgers, you can easily request them to use chicken instead.

Cali Double

For those looking for something a bit heavier, you can go for their Cali Double (Php275.00 ala carte, Php345.00 as a meal with fries and unlimited drink refills).


Their fries (Php50.00) are, to be honest, quite a disappointment. If you’re looking for the salty, skinny, crisp versions, you’re better off somewhere else.

onion rings

Of the two sides, I preferred their onion rings (Php50.00) better. They didn’t have much batter coating the onions and were served crisp.

chicken wings

The Cali Sweet Wings (Php95.00 for 4 pieces, Php185.00 for 8 pieces) was their take on the famous fried chicken wings. Theirs come glazed in a soy-honey garlic mixture. I thought these were good, especially with that nice crunch to them. The only downside was that the wings used were very small in size.

Overall verdict? Most of CaliBurgers’ stuff were nothing but ordinary. They weren’t very bad, but they didn’t have anything spectacular to make customers really WANT their food. The expensive price tags didn’t help either.

Most of my companions named other restaurants/chains’ which they preferred over CaliBurger, because of better flavor and bigger serving sizes. While their chicken wings and onion rings were okay, both items didn’t garner enough points to make us fans of the brand. Will we go back? We might, but it’s definitely not sometime in the near future.

*CaliBurger currently has two branches in Metro Manila: one at the 4th floor of Century City Mall in Makati and a stand-alone along Timog Avenue in Q.C. There are rumors that the owners are planning to open a branch in Boracay.

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