Mushroomburger (West Ave.): A First Impressions Review

Mushroom Burger logo

My parents and I have heard of Mushroomburger from friends over the years, but didn’t get the chance to try it out until last week. We were supposed to head to TriNoMa, but were caught in heavy traffic. Mushroomburger was nearby so we decided to finally give it a shot and have dinner there instead of waiting until we got to the mall.


For those who aren’t aware of their history, the people behind Mushroomburger used to simply sell their mushrooms before they started to integrate them as part of the burgers. Their first store is located in Tagaytay City, where the cooler climate serves as the perfect condition for growing the mushrooms. If you wish to learn more about Mushroomburger, head to their official site where you can read all about their history.

Royal Burger

My Dad chose to have the Royal Burger Meal (with fries and drink, Php108.00). The patty used here is a combination of beef and mushrooms. It’s joined by a mushroom and egg omelette, cheese, some vegetables and Mushroomburger’s sauce all in between two slices of bread.

Dad was drawn to the look of the burger on the menu board and was immediately disappointed when the burger arrived. It was way smaller and not as pretty as we expected (thanks, advertising!). As you’ll note in the photo above, there’s nothing royal about it.

In terms of taste, Dad said that it was nothing special and the texture of the burger was also too soft and mushy to be enjoyable.

mushroom fries

His meal came with fries, which we decided to switch from regular potato fries to mushroom fries at the cost of an additional Php45.00 for the upgrade, which also turns your regular drink to a larger one.

There were only two highlights during our meal and this was one of them. The mushroom fries were served hot, crispy and salty; very addictive indeed. Too bad a serving was quite small and it doesn’t seem to be available ala carte.

HK Rice

Mom didn’t feel like eating burgers, so she decided to try their Hong Kong Rice (with drink, Php118.00). This was a set featuring  mushroom delight (a mix of the restaurant’s four types of mushrooms in gravy) and a piece of Adobo Egg, rice and your choice of main dish among a selection of: Tapa, Longganisa, Crispy Fish or Mushroom Beef. Mom chose the longganisa. She also said it was just so-so and nothing special.

2 pc chicken with rice

I initially wanted to try the burgers too, but didn’t since I wasn’t so sure which ones contained beef and which ones didn’t. The line behind me was already pretty long and I didn’t want to further delay the ordering process. I went with their 2-pieces fried Chicken Meal rice meal (with drink, Php133.00). This came with unlimited servings of rice and gravy.

I gave my Dad one of the chicken pieces since I knew his burger wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy his hunger. The chicken in itself was decent in terms of flavor, but we both noticed that they were still bloody and undercooked in some areas. We had to leave whole chunks of the chicken untouched. I hope we could get better cooked ones in case we visit the place again.

chocolate paradise

Mom decided we split a serving of Mushroomburger’s Tornado. The one we sampled was called the Chocolate Paradise (Php35.00). It’s a mix of chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer which resulted in a satisfying cup of sweetness. It doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap too! The Tornado also comes in three other variants: Chocolate Mallow, Cookies n’ Cream and Mixed Berry

Overall, we think Mushroomburger isn’t such a special place. Maybe it’s nostalgia from those who tried them way back, but they’re going to have a hard time keeping up with today’s discerning palate. Sure, their stuff are relatively cheap but they’re not something we would develop a strong hankering for.

*Mushroomburger currently has three branches in the Philippines: along West Avenue in Q.C., along Katipunan Avenue and at Tagaytay City. Visit their official website here or head to their Facebook page for updates. Delivery is available and is said to be free if you’re within Metro Manila.


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