Brookside’s Dark Chocolate Goji and Raspberry Flavors

I first saw Brookside’s Dark Chocolate Goji and Raspberry flavors when I was looking around a weekend food fair. There was a stall selling imported products and it had these for more than Php200.00 per bag. I didn’t get to buy it then and forgot all about it, until a family friend gave us with a bag when she came home from the U.S.

brookside chocolate

I learned that Brookside is a product line from the Hershey’s company. It comes in three different variants: Dark Chocolate Goji & Raspberry flavors, Dark Chocolate Pomegranate flavor, and the Dark Chocolate Açaí & Blueberry flavors.

Anything covered in chocolate sounds good to me, so I wasn’t so surprised when I found these little pieces to be highly addictive. To be honest, I was popping one piece after another into my mouth while writing this blog entry. I really shouldn’t have these lying anywhere near my computer area. :p

inside a bag of Brookside chocolates

Just to set your expectations, the chocolate pieces aren’t big. They also DO NOT contain actual fruits; they have fruit juices instead. I’ve sliced one of the pieces in half so that you could see what’s inside.

The chocolate coating is smooth and sweet, and the fruit juices inside is a mix of both sour and sweet. It was a nice balance of flavors which became the reason for my inability to stop at the recommended 16 pieces per serving. I have to admit that this product isn’t exactly very healthy, but I wouldn’t go against having it as a nice treat once in a while.

If you want to learn more about this line of products, go visit their official website by clicking here. They even have a Facebook page for you to check out! 🙂


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