Homey Korean Cuisine at Leann’s Tea House

I was browsing through my Instagram account several weeks ago when I noticed that a certain leannsteahouse has liked one of my photos. I decided to check the profile and saw that it was the account of a relatively new Korean restaurant somewhere in Q.C. Needless to say, it made me interested in what they had to offer and I requested we have one of our family dinners there.

Leanns Teahouse storefront

Leann’s Tea House is located along Mother Ignacia Street in Q.C. It’s an area I was familiar with so it wasn’t that difficult to locate the restaurant. If you’re planning to eat here, you just have to make sure you keep an eye out for it since it’s located among the residential units in the area.


The first floor of the restaurant is quite small, so I highly suggest dining at the second floor. I loved the interiors of the place! It’s simple and comfortable; very similar to the feeling of stepping into a friend’s home. I also appreciated the K-Pop playing in the background as it did contribute to the happy feeling of the restaurant. We just hope the volume of the music could be a little bit more consistent as there were some points when carrying a conversation with my parents became difficult when the music became loud.


Banchan was served once we were seated. Leann’s Tea House served us four types: kimchi, beansprouts, mixed vegetables salad and potato salad. The potato salad became Dad’s favorite one! When we managed to clear all the small plates, our server provided us with another round. Yay!

cold barley tea

We had the option of choosing hot or cold barley tea to enjoy with our meal. We decided to all go for the cold one.

Fried Mandu

We absolutely loved their Fried Mandu (Php100.00! They were generously filled with meat and the crisp outer layer did not disappoint. There was really no need to dip it in the sauce provided. I believe it might have just successfully earned its place as one of our favorite dumplings in the area.


I also decided to order a serving of their japchae (Php210.00) since I wasn’t planning on eating rice that evening. This dish consists of sweet potato noodles, beef, bean sprouts, thinly sliced onions, carrots and green bell peppers, and wood ear mushrooms/fungus. Being a non-beef eater, I had to remove all the meat before digging in. This is a dish best eaten as soon as it’s served.


Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken (Php650.00) is a family favorite for as long as I could remember. I’m glad Leann’s Tea House served this item even if we didn’t see it on the menu. This piping hot bowl of chicken, rice, ginseng root and jujube really hit the spot. The chicken itself was very tender, a characteristic of good samgyetang. Like most of their dishes, their samgyetang was also very lightly seasoned. They gave us salt and pepper on the side, but we were already happy without the extras.


Leann’s Tea House offer unlimited grilled meat for Php349 per head. Tempting as it was, we decided to order just the a la carte version (Php240.00) since we plan to try several of their dishes. Stuffing ourselves silly with samgyeopsal didn’t sound like such a good idea at that time, but it’s part of the plan for our next visit. :p

tonkatsu kimbap

An item which was new to us was their Tonkatsu Kimbap (Php250.00). It’s said to be one of the restaurant’s best sellers and we fully understand why. Eating kimbap is very similar to eating the Japanese futomaki; the huge rolls are surrounded by crispy tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) and served with sweet tonkatsu sauce. My mom enjoyed the sauce provided, but I found that dipping the kimbap in the soybean paste was a lot better. 🙂 It’s really a complete meal in itself!

omija tea

Apart from their cold barley tea, I couldn’t resist trying their Omija Tea (Php150.00). I had no idea what omija tea was when I ordered it, but I was very pleased with it. Apparently it’s a tea made from dried fruits of Schisandra chinensis, or said to be the “five flavor berry” (source: Wikipedia). It’s a fun blend of sweet, sour, salty and slightly bitter flavors which resulted to a refreshing and addictive drink. I hope they start to offer this drink with refills! :p

My parents and I enjoyed our meal here and we definitely wouldn’t mind bringing friends and other family members to this restaurant. The staff, facilities and food all contributed to a pleasant dining experience which we hope everyone will get a chance to enjoy.

*Leann’s Tea House is located at 105R Mother Ignacia St., Q.C. They’re open from 11am-2pm and 6pm-10pm. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on their promos. 🙂


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  1. I like cold Omija and Green Tea drinks too! Did you get ice cream after your meal? 🙂

    1. We did and we enjoyed it so much too! Let’s visit Leann’s together soon. 🙂

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