Posh Dining at Terraz Bistro and Meetings

In the heart of the bustling corporate city of Makati stands a tall, magnificent building made of glass. The Zuellig Building is located at the Makati-Paseo de Roxas intersection and is proud to be under the LEED program of the US Green Building Council.

Zuellig Building is not only home to several corporate offices, but also to a luxurious restaurant called Terraz Bistro and Meetings. Hidden in the third floor of the Retail Pavilion, Terraz boasts of a 117-seater bistro right beside their 6 conference rooms. The place is ideal for business meetings or intimate get-togethers.

dining room

A part of the restaurant’s beautiful dining area.

conference rooms

One of the larger conference rooms which you may reserve for brainstorming sessions.

al fresco

Al fresco area facing the busy Makati Avenue-Paseo de Roxas intersection. Perfect for outdoor cocktails, although there are times when cars honking their horns can get a bit disruptive.

drinks collage

Characteristic of most of Raintree’s restaurants, you must check out their drinks list for some really nice things to sip on while you enjoy your meal. Some suggestions include their (from left to right) pineapple shake (Php125.00), green apple shake (Php125.00), and mango & peach lemonade (Php120.00). I highly recommend the last one for that sweet-sour taste with the zing of a carbonated drink.

Terraz chef salad

Terraz’s menu offer a lot of different food choices, from salads, sandwiches, pasta, etc. We were informed that their menu may change slightly from time to time as they introduce new dishes and/or reinvent the ones which are already there.

Our meal started off with two types of salad. The first one was The Terraz Chef Salad (Php295.00), which consisted of romaine lettuce, parma ham, grilled bacon, roast beef cubes, cherry tomatoes, two types of cheeses and hard boiled eggs. The salad seemed to have already been lightly tossed in their salt & pepper vinaigrette, but the ranch dressing on the side was the one I found to be more inviting.

One thing I have to stress is the way their bacon strip was perfectly crispy and non-greasy! Two thumbs up!

sesame crusted ahi tuna

Our second salad was their Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna (Php275.00). The romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes were drizzled with a sesame based dressing and topped off with slices of pan-seared Ahi tuna. Those who are queasy about eating things which are (slightly) raw may think twice about eating the tuna, but I suggest trying them out. You may end up liking it, especially since the fish was coated with sesame seeds to give it a nutty, crunchy texture.

saffron spaghetti

If you’re not into vegetables and would rather have pasta, Terraz has you covered. We learned that Terraz’s pasta are all freshly made. Their Simple Saffron Spaghetti (Php250.00) is ideal for vegetarians, but is something anybody who’s into mildly flavored dishes could possibly enjoy. This was served with asparagus, spinach, onion rings and a garlic toast.

Florentine Beef Lasagna

For something with a little more flavor, their Florentine Style Beef Lasagna (Php395.00) may be the dish you’re looking for. I’m not a beef eater, so I decided to just try the carbs and leave out the meat inside. I noticed a rich aromatic flavor despite only getting to try a small piece and found out that it’s because of the nutmeg added to their lasagna. I thought it was a nice twist to an otherwise normal dish, although it may pose as a challenge for those not used to the spice.

corned beef adobo

If you’re looking for heavier options, you may choose a dish from Terraz’s list of main meals. They have dishes with Western and Asian influences that may just pique your curiosity.

One of the favorites of our group for that afternoon was their Spicy Terraz Corned Beef Adobo (Php495.00). My companions commented that the corned beef was tender and very flavorful, thanks to the spicy sauce smothering it. Since it’s another beef dish, I only tried the items accompanying it. The garlic pumpkin, sweet mashed potatoes and fried kesong puti (Filipino white cheese) were all winners on their own right. I didn’t mind not getting to eat the meat at all!

Visayas Style Pork Knuckle Humba

Their Visayas Style Pork Knuckles “Humba” (Php295.00) is perfect for those looking for a meal with no surprises. The pork knuckles were served tender and in the signature dark, sweet sauce characteristic of a Humba dish. It’s served with a bowl of lemongrass rice, vegetables and fried bananas on the side. The sweetness was a little too much for me, however the lemongrass rice was fragrant and soft. I enjoyed that better with the other main dishes instead of the knuckles.

Salmon with Mishima Mix

I recommend getting the Pan-Seared Salmon with Mishima Mix (Php395.00) if you want to have a main dish which offer a milder flavor. The salmon served to us was moist and topped with nori (seaweed) and other vegetables. I really liked the ponzu (citrus based) sauce which was drizzled on the salmon as it lent a great flavor similar to soy sauce, but less rich and salty.

By the way, if you’re going to eat this and also have other main dishes you want to try, I highly suggest you take a bite or two of your salmon first. Terraz‘s other main dishes have a stronger, richer profile and may end up completely overwhelming your taste buds. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to end up feeling that your salmon’s bland. It’s going to be a waste of good fish.

pork medallion

Apart from the pan-seared salmon, my other favorite main dish was the Grilled Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion and Foie Gras (Php695.00). As its name says, this dish comprises of pork medallions hugged by glorious bacon and some thinly sliced foie gras sitting on top of macaire potatoes. It’s served with sauteed vegetables, onion rings, mushroom ragout and Merlot sauce.

To be completely honest, I found the pork meat to be tougher than I initially expected. The mashed potatoes at the bottom was also salty, probably because it has absorbed a lot of the sauce and because of the ham mixed in it. Despite these things, I surprisingly still liked it overall and wouldn’t mind ordering this again in the future!

crepe samurai

Finally after all that food, it was time for us to wind down with some desserts! Terraz has several cakes which you could try, but I would suggest you focus on the other desserts they offer.

First off, their Crepe Zamurai (Php150.00). This dessert looks so unassuming, but pop the top and you’ll be scooping spoonfuls of mango and banana chunks swimming in a creamy sauce. The cinnamon sugar and caramel sauce on top all add another layer of sweetness. This dessert will make you feel like you’re eating warm melted ice cream with fruits, and is really, really sweet. I found it was cloying, but it might might be something extreme sweet tooths may end up enjoying.

Z bake chocolate cake

For a more traditional dessert, go for their Z-Bake Chocolate Cake (Php225.00). We learned that this chocolate cake was steamed, instead of baked. The cake was a spongy dark chocolate, perfectly contrasted by the crunchy fried batter strips, vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. It’s a nice balance of flavors and textures.


Last, and definitely NOT the least, is my favorite part of the entire Terraz experience: their Pavlovaz (Php150.00). These don’t just look gorgeous, they’re delicious too!

This Australian / New Zealand national dessert was a merry mix of meringue, whipped cream, fresh mangoes, kiwi and berries. I loved how the crunchy meringue shell contrasted so nicely with the smooth, silky cream. Let’s not forget about the fruits, whose tartness completed the entire experience.

This showstopper may sound like an overly sweet dessert, but I’m glad that it wasn’t. Instead, the slight tartness lent to a clean, pleasant finish that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

I swear I could eat a serving or two of pavlovaz by myself; I’ll worry about the calories some other time!

*Want to visit Terraz? They’re located at the 3rd floor of the Retail Pavilion, Zuellig Building, Makati Ave. in Makati City. They’re only open from Mondays through Fridays, 11a.m. to 11p.m.

**Thank you to Ms. Michele Magtoto and Will Garcia for inviting Have at You! to this event.

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