Kick Back and Chow Down at The Shrimp Shack

A few weeks back, I was able to join several bloggers for the menu tasting of The Shrimp Shack in Taguig. It’s a long drive from home, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from checking out a place where shrimp is one of the stars of the menu!

The Shrimp Shack storefront

The Shrimp Shack is another restaurant handled by the same group who owns The Old Spaghetti House, Swensen’s and Potts Point Cafe. The Shrimp Shack in Market! Market! isn’t the first branch, as they’ve already opened stores in SM MOA and Robinson’s Place Manila.

Pineapple iced tea

Once you’re comfortably seated in the Hawaiian-inspired restaurant, I highly suggest starting your visit by ordering a glass of their TSS Iced Tea (Pineapple Iced Tea, Php60.00). A lot of us in the group really enjoyed gulping this down because it’s unlike your regular iced tea. The pineapple gave it a different undertone which made it a lot more delicious.

hawaiian chicken salad with water chestnuts
First dish to be served to us was their Hawaiian Chicken Salad with Water Chestnuts (Php140.00). I immediately noticed the flavor of minced ginger upon trying it. A lot of it was mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. I personally would’ve preferred not to have such strong flavors in a salad, but it’s possibly something the general public may have a hankering for.

The use of water chestnuts was the most surprising to me, since I normally don’t see the ingredient used outside Asian cooking. I really like that vegetable (yes, it’s not really a nut) and enjoyed the extra crunch it brought to the salad.

shrimp popcorn

Next came this platter of Shrimp Popcorn (Php195.00), which consisted of battered and deep fried shrimp served with plain popcorn and a nice mayonnaise-based dip. We enjoyed snacking on both shrimp and popcorn while we talked among ourselves about our blogs.

Tomato Cheese Fondue

My favorite appetizer for that afternoon was their Tomato-Cheese Fondue (Php145.00). Who can resist the hot and gooey mix of cheese, diced tomatoes and onions served with crunchy corn nachos? Definitely not me! Make sure to eat this as soon as it’s served for you to get the most satisfaction from the dish.

Po Boy

The Shrimp Shack isn’t named that way because of no reason. Their menu is filled with items using the delicious crustacean, one of which is the Shrimp Po-Boy Sandwich (Php185.00). The sandwich is filled generously with both shrimp, vegetables and sauce. It’s also served with some fries and ketchup on the side.

scampi spaghetti

Another good dish is their Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti (Php220.00). This dish is garlicky and perfect for those looking for a comforting one to enjoy. Just be wary of those pieces of shrimp as they are served still unpeeled! Don’t make the same mistake I did by not paying attention and eating them straight away. :p

garlic shrimp scampi

If  you don’t want to eat your shrimp over pasta, then feel free to have it with rice by ordering their Garlic Shrimp Scampi (Php185.00  for five pieces/ Php245.00 for seven pieces). You get the same yummy, garlicky shrimp but with a different source of carbohydrates!

angus beef burger

Fear not, meat eaters! The Shrimp Shack’s menu isn’t all about vegetables and seafood; they have other meat dishes to satisfy your hunger. You could choose to have their U.S. Angus Cheese Burger or….

angus pot roast beef belly

Try their Angus Pot Roast Beef Belly (Php285.00), where you get to have your beef already sliced thinly and smothered with gravy. This one is served with mashed potatoes on the side.

loco moko

Are those two items still not the ones you’re craving for? You may want to check out the dish with a name I found to be cute: the Loco Moco or U.S. Angus Burger Steak (Php255.00). According to Wikipedia, the loco moco is a Hawaiian meal which consists of rice, topped with a burger patty, an egg and gravy. Sounds good, right? Definitely not a concept foreign to Pinoys.

soy glazed chicken bbq

Since I had no intentions of returning to my beef-eating days, I decided to focus on the Soy Glazed Chicken BBQ (Php155.00) and the Macaroni Salad (Php45.00). Both are more on the sweeter end of the spectrum. The kids would probably love these!

apple crisp ala mode

During our visit, we were given the opportunity to try two of The Shrimp Shack’s desserts. The first one was the Apple Crisp ala Mode (Php130.00), which garnered a lot of positive reviews from everyone who was able to try it out. Presentation was nice with the thin layer of apples, (what looks like) crushed cookies and scoop of vanilla ice cream all served in a small skillet. Eat it while it’s warm and it’s sure to be a great experience.

butter mud pie

While everyone was singing praises for the Apple Crisp ala Mode, I was more smitten by The Shrimp Shack’s Butter Mud Pie (Php130.00). This is an example of a simple yet very satisfying way to end a meal: a block of chocolate ice cream, topped with crushed chocolate cookies, nuts, caramel and chocolate syrup. What more can a chocoholic ask for? 😉

*Interested? The Shrimp Shack is located at the ground floor of Market! Market! in BGC, which is right across Serendra. You may also want to visit their branch at the South Parking side of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

**Thank you to Mr. Ace Azarraga and the entire team behind The Shrimp Shack for inviting Have at You! to their restaurant.


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