Knowing What’s Best for You with Lactacyd Woman Talks

Lactacyd press kit with champagne

Last week, I had a chance to attend an event hosted by Sanofi Philippines and Lactacyd at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Upon registration, we were provided with a “passport” which we could use when we visit the different hubs inside the ballroom.

Lactacyd event hosts onstage

The event was hosted by Gelli Victor and Sam YG. I thought both of them did an excellent job in keeping the program interesting for those who attended. I’ve had the chance of working with Gelli Victor before, so it was nice seeing her up on the stage again.

Bb. Pilipinas winners at the Lactacyd event

It really wasn’t surprising to see a lot of good-looking people at the event. Some of the attendees included these reigning beauty queens from Binibining Pilipinas.

registration booth

The venue was set up really nicely too! I really liked the theme of the event, which focused on travel. Everything from the registration booths to the hubs inside were decorated appropriately. It made me want to start planning for my next big trip!


Five different hubs were scattered in different areas of the ballroom. Each hub represented a place and the Lactacyd variant that was associated with it. Each of them offered something different for the attendees to enjoy, like a hand massage in Bali or some wine and cheese in London.

5 Lactacyd products in bottles
Speaking of the five variants, here’s a photo of all them together. You may choose the type most suitable to your needs and lifestyle (from left to right, descriptions courtesy of Lactacyd website):

All-Day Care: made with natural milk extracts to help with cleansing

White Intimate: enriched with natural ingredients such as plant extracts to help whiten the area.

Protecting: said to keep itching, odor and irritation at bay

Revitalizing: made with Vitamin E and collagen to help enhance the skin’s softness and firmness.

Cool & Fresh: contains menthol essences which helps keep you refreshed

All their items have been tested by dermatologists to ensure safety. If you’re still in your teens and are unsure whether there’s a Lactacyd product for you, don’t worry! They also have the Lactacyd Teens line. The two types which fall under that line are Charm and Bloom.

Feminine wipes

Lactacyd All-Day Care also comes in wipes, which will undoubtedly make life easier for those who are always on the go. This pack contains five pieces of wipes.

Personally, I think the best match for me would be the All-Day Care. I’m usually very busy at our store and, on occasion, have found myself rushing to a party, a meeting or a blogging event after a packed morning. It’s a challenge, but I have to make sure I always look and feel prepared to face anything and anyone. I think this product might just help me out a bit on that!

Anne Curtis onstage

During the event, the crowd went wild when Lactacyd’s brand ambassadress went onstage to greet everyone. Anne Curtis promoted the product and also spoke about its ongoing promo. She’s such a pretty lady who was, in my opinion, so down to earth. It’s such a refreshing thing to see in a celebrated actress such as herself.

Lactcyd promo

By the way, if you’ve always wanted to go on an Asian cruise, you might want to start snapping some selfies to join Lactacyd’s promo. The mechanics are quite simple: just post a travel selfie with the hashtag #womantalks and write a caption using any of the Lactacyd variants (Protecting, Revitalize, White Intimate, All Day Care, Cool and Fresh). That Asian cruise for two might just be for you. 😉

The promo runs from Sept. 4, 2014 until November 31, 2014. Don’t forget to follow the rules, okay? Good luck! ♥

*Thank you to Sanofi Philippines, Ms. Redge Jimenez and the rest of the Lactacyd team for inviting Have at You! to the event.

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