Uno Restaurant: There can only be One

I remember visiting Uno Restaurant in the early 2000’s: I was feeling very down and my family decided we better go somewhere to take my mind off some things. My parents chose the dishes that we ate and I was served with lamb. It was my first time to eat at Uno and I enjoyed the meal a lot, I felt so much better afterwards.

Since then, I’ve always liked Uno and still visit the place with my family once in a while. It’s a small restaurant consisting of two floors, with the first floor occupied by a few tables, chairs and their cake and bread display. Don’t expect a guard to open the wooden doors for you! Open it yourself and enter the dimly-lit restaurant, which can feel be a bit unwelcoming to new guests. Their food presentation is similar to their interiors: clean, simple, straight-forward.

One thing you have to remember is that Uno Restaurant changes their menu every 3 months, so you may not be able to order the same dish again if you haven’t dropped by their place in a long time. Just so that you have an idea on the type of food they serve and the price range, I’ll be listing some of the items we’ve enjoyed during our last visit.  Again, the main entreés, soup and salads I post below may or may no longer be on the menu after September this year.

UNO iced tea

Aside from the one from Cyma, this brewed iced tea (Php75.00) from Uno is my other favorite. It’s refillable and served ice cold.

complimentary bread

They always serve a basket of complimentary bread to each table, which they will happily refill once you’ve eaten everything. They normally serve these with butter, but you may also request for olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. Their bread are really good and you might end up eating a lot while waiting for your orders to arrive. Make sure you pace yourself accordingly!

baked potato soup

Mom was able to try their Baked Potato Soup with Bacon and Cheddar (Php185.00, if not part of the featured set of the day), and said that it was bit of the bland side. The bacon was the only part which was salty, so you might want to request for some freshly ground pepper.

mixed greens with blue cheese

Despite not being allowed to eat too much of anything sweet, one of my Dad’s favorite salads is their Mixed Greens with Crumbled Blue Cheese, Glazed Cashews in Blueberry Lemon Dressing (Php270.00).  Those crunchy, glazed cashews and chunks of blue cheese are so good!

side salad

I ordered one of their featured sets for the day and it came with a small platter of salad. The photo above shows the Mimosa salad, which was comprised of broccoli, lettuce, bits of scrambled eggs with a light, vinegary dressing. I wasn’t a fan of this.

roast chicken with diced potatoes

The main entreé I enjoyed was their Roast Chicken with Lemon and Black Pepper (Php390.00, including the Mimosa salad). It was a quarter of the chicken, which was wonderfully moist and juicy inside. This was served with nicely seasoned gravy and some diced potatoes on the side.

By the way, all their main entreés come with unlimited servings of plain or garlic rice. All you have to do is request for it, since they will not serve it to you alongside your mains. My parents and I highly recommend trying their garlic rice.

wrasse in tamarind sauce

If you’re the type who’s into tangy main dishes, you may want to check out their Wrasse in Tamarind Sauce (Php420.00, featured set including soup). It tasted a bit strange at first, but we found the flavors to be satisfying after a while. It’s best enjoyed with rice.

baked sea bream

One of the items which we were able to try more than once was their Baked Sea Bream Fillet, or bacoco in Tagalog, with Leeks and Herb Olive Oil (Php450.00). It had the right amount of saltiness to it, and was overall, a very light dish to enjoy.

lapu lapu fillet

My brother ordered the Fillet of Lapu-Lapu Poached in a “Cocido” broth, with Bacon and Rosemary (Php460.00), which was served on top of a bed of couscous. I was able to try a small piece of this and found it really nice. I wouldn’t mind ordering it for myself.

rum cake

Fallen chocolate cake

I highly recommend getting a slice (or two!) of their rum cake and/or their fallen chocolate cake. They are a lot bigger, more delicious and cheaper than the ones you get from coffee shops. The photos of them above are from my phone (sorry!) and don’t do them justice. Enjoy them with Illy coffee or hot tea. The best part? These desserts are available all the time and doesn’t get affected by the quarterly menu changes! Win! ♥

The serving size for each main entreé is enough for just one person, so it’s not surprising if some people find their food expensive. Some of the wait staff look unfriendly at first, but they’re really quite nice. Most of them are good at remembering customers even if you haven’t visited for some time. They’re aware that my Dad’s diabetic so they don’t forget to automatically give him Splenda when he orders coffee or to inform him that the item he’s chosen has sugar in them. So far, we haven’t encountered any extremely bad experiences with this restaurant in terms of their food and service. We’ve always left their place extremely satisfied.

*Uno Restauran is located at 195C Scout Fuentabella Street, cor. Tomas Morato Avenue, Q.C. They’re open from 11am until 9:30pm and is closed on Sundays. Parking spaces are VERY limited.


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