Revisiting an Old Favorite: Cyma (Trinoma)

Belonging to a family who loves to eat, it’s not surprising that we end up dining at so many different places. Getting to sample different dishes is a joy, but there are times when we’d rather go back to our old favorites. Places where we’re familiar with the wait staff and where most (if not all) the food is guaranteed to satisfy our hungry bellies. One of those places is Cyma in Trinoma.

cyma caesar

A visit to Cyma always starts with a serving of their salad. Our favorite is their Cyma Caesar (Solo: Php250, To Share: Php380, Family Php490), with the Lemon Caesar dressing served on the side.

This consists of deliciously crisp kale and romaine lettuce, tomato wedges, kalamata olives, grated parmesan and croutons. A solo serving is already quite big and can definitely fill you up nicely. Just a note: the kalamata olives tend to be on the saltier side, so I think it’s better if you eat it with the lettuce at the same time in order to dull the saltiness a bit.

kotopulo avgolemono

One time, my Dad decided to try their soups. He was drawn to the Kotopoulo Avgolemono (Php220.00), or “hearty chicken lemon soup” according to the menu. We were expecting a clear soup with chicken chunks and an assortment of vegetables, so imagine our surprise when this bowl was placed in front of Dad.

Cyma’s Kotopoulo Avgolemono was actually their version of chicken congee! We had a good laugh about it, joking that he’s eating high-class arroz caldo. Good thing that it tasted nice and Dad didn’t end up feeling disappointed.

watercress pasta

We’re always on the lookout for good pasta dishes which aren’t cream-based, so we decided to try two types from Cyma’s menu. The first one was the Watercress Pasta (Solo: Php300, To Share: Php450, Family Php660).

This dish used spaghetti, which was mixed with watercress, cherry tomatoes, pecorino and a blob of goat cheese. We really liked how all the elements worked so well together. The flavors were subtle, yet didn’t fail to satisfy . It quickly joined several other dishes in our list of Favorites from this restaurant. Nobody will feel guilty eating an entire Solo serving of this dish!

clams pasta

The second one we tried was their Greek Clams pasta (Solo: Php320, To Share: Php550, Family: Php750). Unlike the Watercress Pasta, this dish used Angel’s Hair pasta mixed with extra virgin olive oil, white wine, lemon and parsley. There was a more than generous amount of clams that came with the solo serving Dad has ordered for himself. We honestly weren’t fans of it, but if you’re the type who loves anything briny and umami-rich, then the Greek Clams pasta may be right up your alley.

mahi mahi

There was one time when I didn’t feel like eating anything heavy, so I just ordered a serving of their Mahi Mahi fillet (Php230.00). You’re always asked whether you want your fish fillet roasted cedar planked or charcoal grilled. The one in the photo above shows the roasted cedar planked version. The mahi mahi fillet was nice, lean, and moist, with no strong, fishy taste. I’m thinking of trying the charcoal grilled version next time.

lamb burger

My newest favorite from Cyma is their Lamb Burger (Php520.00), which comes with fries and cumin mayo on the side. As you all might already know, beef has been a dietary no-no for me for the past decade and I haven’t had the chance to enjoy those 100% beef burgers along with everyone else. This is the reason why places which serve lamb and chicken burgers are, in my opinion, heaven sent!

Cyma’s Lamb Buger is REALLY good. The star is the thick lamb patty, which is said to be freshly handmade. It’s grilled then topped with red onions, olive oil and a thick slab of feta cheese. All these inside a slightly chewy sourdough ciabatta; what’s not to love? ♥

My family has been avid fans of Cyma since they opened many years ago. We’ve seen them change team members, add items on their menu, change their food presentation. One thing remains consistent, though: their food is just damn good. It’s no wonder why we’re not the only ones who keep coming back. 🙂

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

*Cyma has branches at the following locations: TriNoma, Shangri-La Mall, Greenbelt 2, Robinson’s Magnolia, Boracay and Ayala Mall Cebu. Don’t have time to drop by their branches but want to eat their food? They’re partners with CityDelivery (contact number: 87878). 🙂

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  1. Wow, I just got hungry again thanks to your description of the Lamb Burger. It looks so tempting.

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