Chill Out at Tokyo Bubble Tea (Banawe)

One of the places my high school friends and I frequent lately is Tokyo Bubble Tea. We are not strangers to this brand as it has been part of the foodie scene for years now, but we’re tired of the usual coffee places and wanted some change. Tokyo Bubble Tea managed to offer just that.

According to their official website, the business started way back in 2007. I remember having to go all the way to SM Megamall with my family before I could buy their drinks, but it’s now a lot easier with them opening a branch along Banawe in Q.C.  I found this particular branch to be whimsical and spacious, definitely a good place to hang out with loved ones.

bulgogi nachos

On the day we visited the new place, my friends and I had a couple of hours to kill before we headed to a wedding reception. We decided to indulge ourselves.

The Bulgogi Nachos (Php245.00) have always made us curious and we  decided to finally try it out. The crunchy nacho chips were topped with ground meat, gochujang, mayonnaise, black sesame seeds, thinly sliced carrots and green chili. You’ll be a fan of this if you’re into the  type of heat signature of Korean dishes. If you feel that it’s too hot, just take a sip of your milk tea and you’ll no longer feel the burn.

agedashi tofu

We also ordered their Tofu Steak (Php158.00), which is an item I really ended up liking a lot. The silky tofu slices were covered in a thin layer of batter and then topped with brown sauce. The sauce had bits of vegetables and mushrooms mixed in them.


We tried their version of Takoyaki (Php178.00) balls. These weren’t exactly my type as they were a little tough to chew.

chicken fingers

If you’re not into the Japanese or Korean-inspired items, they also offer several mainstream ones. An example is the Chicken Fingers with Fries. This dish was made of thinly sliced chicken fillets which were battered and fried until golden brown. You get to enjoy them with fries, and honey mustard and ketchup on the side.

yocca slush and strawberry tea

Tokyo Bubble Tea offer a lot of cold drinks for anyone to enjoy. I usually order milk tea with pudding, but decided to try something else during this particular visit. I had the Yocca Slush (Php125.00, Large, right), while my friend ordered the Strawberry Tea (Php95.00, Large). We both requested for pearls as part of our drinks. My Yocca slush had a slight tanginess to it, making me like it a lot more than I expected.

hot royal milk tea

If you’re not into the cold drinks, don’t worry! Tokyo Bubble Tea offer hot ones too. Most of the time, they’ll give you a small shot glass of syrup on the side, in case you would still want to add more sweetness to your drink. Here are some of the items which may interest you: Hot Royal Milk Tea...

hot lemon tea

Hot Lemon Tea

hot green tea latte

or Hot Green Tea Latte. Just a note: their hot drinks aren’t limited to these three. They have an extensive menu and it’s almost impossible for you to not find something you’ll like.

strawberry shortcake slice

Some of Toyko Bubble Tea’s branches also offer cakes from Honeybee Patisserie. I’m so happy the Banawe branch is one of them because I’m a big fan of their cakes! Our group decided to order a slice of Strawberry Shortcake (Php105.00 per slice, Php850 whole cake) so that The Boyfriend could try it out. It’s very soft and light, with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s really one of the best ones in their selection and one that we all highly recommend.

matcha capuccino cake slice

Mike decided to try a slice of the Matcha Cappuccino (Php105.00 per slice, Php850 whole cake) cake. This didn’t get as much praises because we found the coffee flavor to be too strong; it greatly overpowered the green tea flavor. I’m guessing it might be a better match for people who are avid fans of intense coffee flavors.

If you guys find yourselves in the Banawe area and have some time to spare, I suggest dropping by Tokyo Bubble Tea. Don’t just visit for their drinks, give their food and cakes a shot too! 🙂

 *This branch is located at 238 Banawe St., corner Panalturan Street, Q.C. They’re at the ground floor of 238 Center. For more information, visit their official website by clicking here. Stay connected with them by following them on their Twitter account too. 🙂

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  1. Those teas look sooo good! Honestly, I kind of avoided milktea places for the fear of being served mediocre food, but their cakes also look so yummy! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. I feel your pain, K! I’ve tried the food in some of the other milk tea places and was disappointed. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I always go to Tokyo Bubble Tea and go after their Chicken Curry and Almond Milk Tea. Now I know the cakes are great too. =)

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