KFC and their Gangnam Chicken

Out of all the fast food chains found in Manila, KFC has always held a soft spot in my heart. From their crispy chicken to their crispy fries to the Zinger and Hotshots; they’ve all been part of my unhealthy diet at one point in my life.

And, yes, I’m also guilty of drowning my rice in their delicious gravy. Woot~ 😉

Once in a while, KFC changes things a bit and introduces several “limited edition” products depending on what the current fad is in Manila. Some of these were completely mind-boggling (hello, Cheese Top Burger), while others were such major hits, it’s sad to see them go (oh, Chili Lime Chicken, how I miss you).

The newest one to create waves is their version of the popular Korean style chicken, which they called the Spicy Gangnam Chicken:

Gangnam chicken ad

Photo above courtesy of KFC Philippines

I waited until KFC’s Banawe branch re-opened after a makeover before I bought myself the Gangnam Chicken and see what the craze was all about. The newly renovated Banawe branch now has a drive-through facility, making it easier for people who prefer takeaways. I tried it out when I bought my meal and found the service to be efficient; I’m hoping it’s always going to be like that.

KFC Gangnam Chicken

Anyway, back to the Gangnam Chicken. I bought the meal (Php109.00), which includes a serving of chicken rice, my choice of side dish and a regular sized drink (not in photo).  So, how was it?

The chicken meat itself was juicy and tender, similar to their Original chicken. Parts of the skin remained nice and crisp despite being smothered in the gooey, red sauce. I honestly found it to be sweeter than spicy, so it didn’t automatically remind me of those from Korean brands. I have to agree with some people when they said that this closely resembles the ones from Manang’s.  I would’ve preferred more spiciness to it, but I guess it was intentionally made sweeter so that it would fit the Filipino palate better.

The chicken rice, with all its yellow blotches and specks of green, was surprisingly good! Salty and kinda buttery, I thought it did resemble that of the Hainanese Chicken rice in terms of taste.

Overall, the Spicy Gangnam Chicken wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t mind ordering it again while it’s on KFC’s menu. The biggest question remains: Did it successfully knock the Chili Lime Chicken off the top spot? Definitely not. 😉

By the way, I already threw my receipt away before I learned about it, but KFC Philippines is running a promo where you could win a trip to South Korea.  Drop your Gangnam Chicken receipt (with your details, of course) in their drop boxes and you may just be one of the winners. Check out the full mechanics here. The promo is said to run only until Nov. 30, 2014, so you still have a couple of days to earn entries. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was curious about this, and been wanting to try it – i’m still disappointed at myself for not trying the clover chicken (last last month’s feature dish, i think). I thought the rice looked pale, but I guess i have to tste it first before I judge! 🙂

    1. Hi K!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I myself had pretty low expectations on the rice that came along with the Gangnam Chicken, but it’s one of the few times I’m glad to be wrong haha! 🙂

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