Sanremo’s Opera: The Revolution Product Launch

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to find a coffee shop within the city when you’re craving for a cup of joe. Finding a very good cup of coffee, though, is a totally different story.  A number of major coffee store chains dominate the market, but smaller, more intimate coffee shops have started to gain followers as well. Third Wave coffee places like Craft: Coffee Revolution and Yardstick Coffee are just two of the more talked about ones, but I’m sure there are other good places as well.

Robert Francisco

During Sanremo’s Opera product launch, we all had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Robert Francisco talk about this “Third Wave Coffee Concept”. Third wave coffee champions the thought that high-quality coffee must be prepared well and then enjoyed by educated consumers. It also aims to create stronger ties among the farmers, traders and roasters. In the Third Wave Coffee concept, the coffee has become artisinal and is viewed very similar to how wine connoisseurs treat their wine.  This results to coffee beans producing a brew that’s definitely a far cry from the ones you get from 3-in-1 packets.

San Remo foreign and local team

To create a beautiful cup of coffee, a skilled barista needs the assistance of a good machine. This is where Sanremo comes in. Thanks to Concept Specialists Inc., Sanremo’s products, including the Opera, were able to enter the Philippines. The Opera was carefully designed by a team of experts in the industry, taking into consideration all the needs of a barista without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

Ben Stephens explaining the Opera

Sanremo launched their newest baby called the Opera to the public last November. Sanremo Australia’s Technical Manager Ben Stephens demonstrated and discussed the specifics of the machine and what sets it apart from the other models.

The Opera controls

Sanremo’s Opera allows the user to create a diverse range of blends depending on the settings entered into the machine. It focuses on brew ratio instead of volumetric measurements, ensuring more precise controls over the brew you desire. Settings and weight are displayed via the LCD screens built on the group head. All the information the barista will be needing are found right in front of him/her.

etching at the rear part of the Opera

The Opera also has this beautiful etching on its rear, which would certainly catch the attention of anyone.

Ben Stephens demonstrating

One of the more modern features of the Opera is the ability of the user to control the settings of the machine via Bluetooth. The Opera comes with an application which you can install on your gadget. Of course, the user can still play with it by tweaking the settings directly on the machine.

Apart from the Opera, Sanremo’s other machines were also on display during the event. You can see some of them in the photos below:

machines 1

machines 2

machine 3

Attending the launch reminded me of how beautifully complex coffee preparation is. From the soil where the beans are planted to the roasting and coffee art, everything really has to be done with utmost care. If I had the right knowledge and enough resources, I would love to invest in my own Sanremo machine. I wouldn’t mind creating my own coffee blends with it.

Next time you visit your favorite third wave coffee place, check out their machine; you might just see a Sanremo. 🙂

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**Thank you to Ms. Anj Cayabyab and the rest of Concepts Specialists, Inc. for inviting me to the grand launch.


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