MilkCow: A Taste of Korea’s organic soft serve ice cream

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I hope everyone had a good start to their 2015. I had to take a break from my blogging to attend to our food business during the holidays, but I’m now back with something sweet to start the year.

Just before 2014 ended, I was contacted by the nice people behind Megaworld Lifestyle Malls again for the product launch of MilkCow Philippines in Eastwood City. It was my last blog event for 2014.

Milk Cow storefront

MilkCow is a Korean dessert cafe and ice cream brand which boasts of using only organic cow’s milk for their items. MilkCow in Korea was just launched in 2013, but has since opened different branches in their home country, Japan and Malaysia.

Milk Cow owners

President of MilkCow Philippines Mr. Seann Tan said that a vacation to Korea gave them the chance to try MilkCow’s ice cream and they ended up really enjoying it. Thus, they decided to bring the brand to the Philippines.

MilkCow Philippines offer several versions of their organic soft serve ice cream. Choose the one you like and add more toppings if you wish!

Milky Cube

I decided to try their bestseller, the Milky Cube (M3, Php170.00). This features their organic ice cream with a natural honey comb on top. I really liked their ice cream’s texture and flavor. I also loved that it wasn’t too sweet, so the addition of the honeycomb complimented it really well.

The honeycomb I got had a floral undertone which I found to be nice. After getting all the flavor from the honeycomb, I was left with the chewy, tasteless wax in my mouth. I chose to spit it out, but I think some people prefer to eat those as well. I heard it’s supposedly good for your digestion.

Milky Crisp

Here’s a look at their other offerings: the Milky Crisp (M8, Php170.00), soft serve ice cream with a piece of macaron and rice crispies.

Snow Drop and Milky Pearl

One of the cutest items is their Snow Drop (M4, Php150.00) which consists of cotton candy, sea salt and jelly beans as toppings. For a chocolaty delight, you might want to try their Milky Pearl (rightmost in photo above, Php150.00). This one is topped with hazelnut syrup, sea salt and cocoballs.


Looking for something savory? MilkCow offers croissants (Php65.00 for plain, Php135.00 with spread) to satisfy your cravings. They currently have three different spreads which you could choose from: Pepperoni Pizza (right, in photo above), Parmesan Basil Chicken (left, in photo above) and Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese. I personally loved the Parmesan Basil Chicken and wouldn’t mind having that one again in the future.


Coffee lovers like me will be happy to know that MilkCow also has a selection of espresso based items for their customers. My blogger friend, Dems, tried their cappuccino (Php95.00 for regular, Php110.00 for large).

caramel macchiato

I decided to get myself their caramel macchiato (Php125.00 for regular, Php140.00 for large). I absolutely loved it! Don’t order this and expect a sugary Starbucks-like drink to come your way. MilkCow’s macchiato is (I believe) very close to the original, where it’s served in a smaller, more concentrated cup. It’s a potent little thing and might, honestly, not be for everyone.

*Interested to try their soft serve ice cream, croissant and coffee? MilkCow Philippines is located at the ground floor of the Eastwood Mall, right across California Pizza Kitchen and Mr. Kurosawa. They’re open from 10am until 12 midnight. Follow MilkCow Philippines on Twitter and Instagram.

 **Thank you to Ms. Rachel Syfargo, the rest of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ PR and Communications team, and the MilkCow Philippines team for inviting us to the launch!

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