Morita Japanese Restaurant (Fisher Mall): A First Impressions Review

A few Sunday nights ago, my Dad was in the mood to head out and try a new place to dine at. He requested that we try Morita Japanese Restaurant. Since my family hasn’t been able to go out as often as before, we gladly agreed.

Morita storefront


Located at the ground floor of Fisher Mall in Quezon City, Morita is one of the places you can eat at when you’re looking for Japanese cuisine. Their main entrance faces the busy Roosevelt Avenue, but they also have a back door which leads directly to the mall’s car park (be wary of the car exhaust fumes there).

Kani Salad

We ordered their Yasai Kani Salad (Php270.00) to start our dinner. The vegetables and shredded crab sticks were served with the Japanese mayo and vinaigrette dressing on the side. I found that I still preferred having the salad with mayonnaise as I’m not a big fan of vinaigrette in general.

spicy tuna sashimi

Our second starter was this serving of Spicy Tuna Salad (Php345.00), which we enjoyed. We loved the freshness of the raw tuna chunks mixed with just the right amount of tempura batter pieces and chili powder. We definitely wouldn’t mind an extra glug or two of chili oil to be mixed right in, but this one was already satisfying.

kara age

I ordered a serving of Tori Karaage (Php325.00) to be shared among the four of us. I wasn’t feeling very hungry during our visit, so this also became my “main meal”. We found this to be just okay. We found that dipping the fried chicken chunks in soy sauce made it taste a lot better, rather than having them with the sauce originally provided for the karaage.

chirashi sushi

Dad didn’t let the chance of trying a new establishment’s Chirashi Sushi (Php595.00) pass. He loved the vast assortment of sashimi sitting on top of his bowl of rice, but was a bit disappointed when we were informed that uni was unavailable that day. On the brighter side, Dad loved the fact that everything was nice and fresh. Even the miso soup served alongside was good enough for him.


Mom’s bowl of Katsudon (Php215.00) didn’t look like much, but the bowl was packed full of white rice under the pork cutlets and eggs. It’s a really heavy meal that would fill anyone up.

Japanese curry

One of the best dishes of the night was the Katsu Curry Rice (Php350.00). I think that Japanese curry isn’t as spicy as their Indian or other Asian counterparts, but I do appreciate how nicely seasoned it still is. I also liked the fact that Morita served the curry sauce separately (I was the one who poured a bit on the pork for photography purposes ^_^). I personally like it better when my food isn’t drowning in too much curry sauce.

Although we didn’t think that Morita ranked as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Manila just yet, we have to commend them for the freshness of their sashimi. It might just become one of our family’s choices when we don’t have enough free time to drive all the way to the Little Tokyo area in Makati. 🙂

*Want to try Morita? They’re located at the Upper Ground Floor of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

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